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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.12.4 - 2000.12.10)

Accompanying high-ranking party, government and military executives, North Korean defense committee chairman Kim Jong-il paid a visit to people's army 350th unit and the Hwanghaenamdo land arrangement project site on Dec.5. On Dec.7, Chairman Kim Jong-il paid a visit of field guidance at the instant noodle factory newly built in the downtown Pyongyang, sanitation materials factory, Heungbu reservoir and ostrich ranch.

In foreign activities:

Central broadcasting criticized through its commentary on contemporary topics (Dec.7) the revision by the Japanese defence agency and police agency of the security force mobilization act to integrate joint actions to cope with someone else's missile launches and armed activists, as a maneuver to "take advantage of our republic to fascize [sic] and realize a perfect wartime structure in Japan."
Central broadcasting (Dec.8) propaganda stated that this year a new chapter unfolded in the history of North Korean foreign relations through the active expansion of foreign relations by developing traditional goodwill relations with China and Russia and intensifying mutual trust and collaboration with Italy, the Philippines and Laos.

In North-South relations:

Pyongyang broadcasting (Dec.5) insisted that the North-South joint declaration is the basis for a common feature of North Korea's lower-stage federation system and South Korea's federated system and a manifestation of the road toward a future federation system.
A Chochungryun spokesman intimated through its statement (Dec.10) that South Korea identified North Korea as the core enemy. Unless this core-enemy theory be withdrawn, the North warned, the North-South agreement can not be implemented as it should.

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