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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.11.20 - 2000.11.26)

On the domestic front:

Rodong-shinmoon's commentary (Nov. 22) stressed that if various intensive ideological education projects based on Juche ideology are carried out, unwholesome ideas can never make an inroad into the country.
Ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of Baikdusan district's revolutionist old battlefields into a great open-air museum (Nov.24) was held in the presence of cabinet Prime Minister Hong Sung Nam, party central committee head Jung Ha-chul, and cabinet committee central body and national party propaganda commando members.

In foreign relations:

Central broadcasting (Nov. 22) emphasized the passage of Japanese vessel inspection law by the Diet is an indication of a great step forward taken by Japan toward overseas invasion maneuvers. "Japan should stop arranging the laws of war, if it is determined to improve diplomatic relation with us."
Rodong-shinmoon's commentary (Nov.26) criticized efforts by the U.S. to intentionally delay light water related construction as an attempt at "murdering us by force through blocking the development of nuclear powered industry and weakening the economic and military potential energy."

Regarding North-South issues:

Central broadcasting (Nov.23) propaganda reported, in connection with unconverted long-term internees (63 persons), that an "honorable new Chosun labor party member certificate presentation ceremony" for unconverted long-term internees, "the indomitable patriot unification fighters," was held at the People's Cultural Palace.
Pyongyang broadcasting (Nov. 24) asserted the highest patriotic act is the struggle to support and realize national independence. "All the nation must join to actively join the struggle for the unification of our fatherland."

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