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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.11.13 - 2000.11.19)

North Korean national defense committee chairman Kim Jong-Il paid an inspection visit on Nov. 13 to the Youth Hero Road, accompanied by Cho Myung-Rok, Kim Il-Chul, Yun Hyung-Mook, Han Sung Dong, and Kim Kook-Tae. Chairman Kim also paid an instructional visit to a Hwangju chicken factory newly constructed by the military.

In overseas news:

Min-Min-jun broadcasting (Nov. 16) criticized the ongoing dispute in the U.S. with regard to the ballot counting more than ten days after the presidential election was over, as evidence that this very election reflects the "mammonism" of corrupt capitalist society. Central broadcasting (Nov.18) reported announcement of the election results was being delayed.
Central press (Nov.16) stressed recently Japan is showing a political pell-mell with regard to the Chosun policy, owing to the misguided policy of the Japanese government, which must make a resolute decision on the issue of the past liquidation to overcome this problem.

Regarding the North-South issue:

Central press (Nov.15) doggedly insisted that South Korean navy warships dared to commit illegal and provocative acts by violating Northern territorial waters on Nov.14, Nov.15 and Nov.16., as part of planned maneuvers on the part of the South Korean military to have the currently improving situation reversed.
Central press (Nov.18) emphasized that the year 2000 deserves special mention in the history of the fatherland. South-North top-level talks and South-North joint declaration are the great achievements.

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