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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.10.30 - 2000.11.5)

North Korean national defense committee chairman Kim Jong Il watched the 30th artists athletic meeting (Oct. 30) held at the Kim Il Sung stadium and paid an inspection visit (Nov.2) to No. 112 chicken factory constructed by the military.

As for diplomatic activity, Kim Jong Il attended the 11th plenary meeting (Oct. 30-31, Peijing) of establishment of North-Japan diplomatic relations and expressed his official position and personal welcome through Rodong Shinmoon about the fact that EU countries have established diplomatic relations with North Korea.

On the other hand, in connection with the North-South issue, North Korea's Red Cross Society published a statement denouncing the release of an interview by the Korea Red Cross governor, related to the 1st reunion of dispersed families carried in monthly Chosun Oct. issue, as an anti-national and anti-unification act running counter to the 6.15 declaration, emphasizing through Rodong Shinmoon commentary (Nov. 1) that journalists in North and South must become buglers for advancing unification.

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