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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.10.16 - 2000.10.22)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il continued his inspection tour around the country with his entourage including KPA Politburo chief Cho Myung-rok, and Generals Hyun Chul-hae and Pak Jae-kyung, this time to the KPA-built and newly-completed catfish aquaculture farm (Oct. 18).

North Korea also organized a celebration to commemorate the completion of second-stage constructions for the Anbyun Youth Power Plant on Oct. 20th, with KPA Politburo chief Cho Myung-rok and defense minister Kim Il-chul in attendance.

Representatives from the US state department entered North Korea through the Truce Village at Panmunjom on Oct. 17th in preparation for Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's visit to North Korea (scheduled for Oct. 23-25). In other diplomatic news, the spokesperson for North Korea's foreign ministry issued an official announcement during a press conference (Oct. 21st) welcoming EU statements concerning establishment of relations between the countries of Europe and North Korea.

In inter-Korean news, North Korea announced postponement of the working-level meeting for inter-Korean economic cooperation (initially scheduled for Oct. 18-21). In addition, the propaganda organ the National Democratic Front persisted continued its usual vitriol by issuing vocal criticism of the planned Foal Eagle Military Exercise between the Korean and US armed forces On Oct. 21) as attempts by conservative hardliners to reverse the political process back to its confrontational state before the June 15th Declaration.

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