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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.10.2 - 2000.10.8)

Chairman of the Standing Committee of the (North) Korean Supreme People's Assembly Kim Young-nam presided over the central report session held on Oct. 7th at the April 25th Cultural Hall in commemoration of the third anniversary of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's inauguration as general secretary of the Worker's Party (Oct. 07, 1997), and praised secretary's `achievements in leadership'. In addition, Yang Hyung-sup and other notables were in attendance at a municipal report session was held at the Central Hall of Workers to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the elder Kim's proposals for a Korean federation (Oct. 10th, 1980), which also featured detailed statements concerning recently-discussed proposals for a `loose confederation' between the two Koreas.

A special North Korean diplomatic mission including Deputy Marshal Cho Myung-rok, deputy foreign minister Kang Sok-ju, and other envoys departed Pyongyang for the US from Pyongyang on Oct. 8th, following adoption and announcement of a joint North Korean-US communique on international terrorism on Oct. 6th.

Government and other organizations in North Korea issued a letter (Oct. 03) to their counterparts in South Korea, inviting them to the celebrations for the fifty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the North Korean Worker's Party. North korea also announced their displeasure aimed at recent activities by South Korean organizations protesting the North Korean leader's prospective visit to the South, in particular an assembly by the Organization for National Foundation, and accused the ROK government of `deliberately aiding and abetting anti-North thugs and their activities'.

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