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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.9.11 - 2000.9.17)

North Korea issued its usual propaganda claiming that its citizens were having a happy Chusok (Sept. 12) under the loving care of Chairman Kim Jong-il, and defense minister Kim Il-chul ranking officials of the party, the army, and the government paid their respects at the Taesongsan Revolutionaries Mausoleum and the Tomb of Patriots with wreaths.

Japanese intermediate school textbooks describing their annexation of Korea and subsequent invasion of the Asian mainland as `legitimate actions in accordance with principles of international law' became target of diatribe from North Korea, calling the Japanese contentions `bold-faced attempts to justify a wicked past'. The stalinist state was also quick to respond to the US and its statement concerning absence of religion (which is outlawed) in North Korea, with criticisms of `meddling with domestic policy'.

Workers Party secretary Kim Yong-soon visited South Korea for a meeting with president Kim Daejung, and the statesmen reached an agreement on the seven-article South-North Joint Report. In addition, North Korea's Red Cross Society dispatched letters to the International Society of the Red Cross and other relief agencies requesting medical treatment for recently repatriated ex-prisoners from the South and material assistance for their resettlement.

Joint entry by southern and northern squads at the opening ceremonies at the olympics at Sydney(Sept. 15) made headlines in North Korea as well, and the North Korean media was quick to laud it as `an event symbolizing reconciliation between the North and the South'.

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