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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.9.4 - 2000.9.10)

Ranking party and government officials including Standing Chairman of the North Korean Supreme People's Assembly Kim Young-nam attended the grand report session to commemorate the fifty-second anniversary of the founding of the North Korea state (Sept. 08), held at the April 25th Cultural Hall, with notables from all social fields also attending. In other news, members of the North Korean olympic squad left Pyongyang on Sept. 9th to compete with the summer olympiad in Sydney, Australia.

North Korea blasted the US for `continuing to pursue a policy based on hostility towards North Korea' in an official announcement made by its foreign ministry concerning cancellation of Assembly Chairman Kim Young-nam's visit to the US in protest of a `humiliating' body search for its representatives conducted by a US airliner. In addition, the official party organ, The Worker's Daily, took time to criticize Japanese media reports contending North Korean `understanding' of Japanese positions, claiming such reports were `without base whatsoever'.

The North Korean government awarded the `National Unification Prize' to the 63 non-apostate prisoners recently repatriated from South Korea on Sept. 4th, and mobilized a crowd of 50000 for a mass rally welcoming the ex-prisoners at the Kim Il-sung Stadium on Sept. 5th.

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