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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.8.14 - 2000.8.20)

South and North Korea exchanged visiting teams of 151 members respectively, each including 100 separated family members, for family reunions at Seoul's Sheraton Walker Hill and Pyongyang's Koryo hotels. The reunions were divided into six sessions from August 15th to the 18th (one group reunion, two individual reunions, two meals, and parting session) before the teams returned home in chartered flights.

Ranking members of the North korean Workers Party and government including Kim Young-nam, Kim Yongsoon, and Yang Hyung-sup were in attendance at the joint government-civilian rally welcoming the recent South-North joint declaration and its implementation, along with a crowd of about 10000, on August 15th, and issued a four-point declaration of their own.

On the foreign policy front:

North Korea emphasized priority upon resolution of past historical issues before initiation of normalization talks with Japan, scheduled to be held from August 21st to the 25th.
Concerning the construction of the light-water reactor, North Korea threatened reactivation of its existing nuclear power plants should there be no US assurances of completing the light water reactor by the promised 2003 deadline, or of compensation for any shortage of electricity as a result of such delays.
The North Korean National Symphony Orchestra arrived in Seoul on August 18th for a joint concert with the Korean Broadcasting System Orchestra and other activities during their stay from August 18th to the 24th. However, North Korea continued its usual rhetoric concerning ROK-US joint military exercises, his time blasting the Ulchi Focus Military Exercises as `monkey-wrenching hopes of unification' in a statement issued on August 19th.

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