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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.6.19 - 2000.6.25)

Kim Jong-il was on the inspection trail with party secretary Kim Kuktae, visiting and providing his usual on-site inspection at textile plants in Yongbyun and Pakchon, N. Pyongan province. The visit was followed by the North Korean's leader's attendance at a performance by KPA Unit 604 Military Family Performing Team with Hyun Chul-hae.

North Korea's media reported that droughts and high temperatures were causing severe disruptions in food production throughout the country, and stated that damages are `expected' despite a heroic struggle to overcome the problem.

In diplomatic news, the spokesperson for North Korea's foreign ministry announced that the temporary halt in satellite launches would continue to be in effect throughout the high-level talks between the US and North Korea currently in progress.

Following the conclusion of the inter-Korean summit:

North Korean propaganda claimed the joint declaration as `a product of Kim Jong-il's decisiveness and magnanimity', which earned admiration from `people in all social strata'.
The North also responded to the ROK defense minister's report to the parliamentary defense commission stating that the stalinist country `remains the principal threat to the security of the ROK', criticizing it as an `embarrassment to the achievements of the inter-Koran summit', and a crime that `betrays the nation and the spirit of unification', which only serves to interfere with the implementation of the joint declaration.

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