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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.6.5 - 2000.6.11)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il paid his respects to his late defense minister Oh Ryong-bang (died June 6th) with an offering a wreath. The younger Kim also offered his condolences for the late Syrian president Hafez al-Assad by sending a dispatch to Syria, and declared a five-day mourning period from June twelfth to the sixteenth.

The `Dear Leader' was also in attendance to induct a group of Pyongyang students to the North Korean Youth Scouts, along with Worker's Party secretary Kim Jung-ryn and KPA deputy marshal Yi Jong-san, at the organization's admission ceremony to commemorate the fifty-fourth anniversary of its founding.

In foreign policy news, North Korean media made announcements of a pending visit by the Russian president Vladimir Putin at the invitation of Kim Jong-il, and criticized the timing of the US president Bill Clinton's concerns over the Stalinist state's ballistic missile program so close to the NK-Russian summit, denouncing it as `a ludicrous statement intended to alter the ABM Treaty to its own liking'.

Lastly, North Korea requested a day postponement of the coming inter-Korean summit citing `technical problems' on June 10, and also claimed that it was their Dear Leader Kim Jong-il who `opened the way for the inter-Korean summit' through their official propaganda organs.

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