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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.5.29 - 2000.6.4)

In connection with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's visit to China, the Stalinist country's official Korea Central News Agency and other media organizations claimed on June 1st that `the friendly relations between the DPRK and China remains as strong as ever'.

The week produced a wealth of North Korean media reports in connection with the inter-Korean summit.

The arrival of ROK's advance party in Pyongyang in preparation for the coming inter-Korean summit made headlines in North Korea, and the Stalinist state's official propaganda organ, The National Democratic Front, claimed that performances by the Pyongyang Acrobatics Troupe and the Pyongyang Youth Performing Arts Company in Seoul `reminded the people of South Korea to the urgent nature of unification, and elicited their admiration for North Korea'.
Not all North Korean reports concerning the summit was positive, as the country's media blasted president Kim Daejung's attendance at the late Japanese prime minister Keizo Obuchi's funeral as `an attempt at North Korean diplomatic isolation, and an effort to derail the inter-Korean talks'.
North Korea engaged in its usual criticism of US-led military exercises, calling the RIMPAC military exercise (May 30 - July 06) `an attempt to pour cold water on the inter-Korean summit proceedings', and that it should be terminated immediately.

The North Korean government published an official `memoir' to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the start of the Korean War, and repeated their demand for the withdrawal of the USFK and the dismantling of the United Nations Combined Forces Command, in a clear attempt at inflaming anti-American sentiments in South Korea, in order to swing public opinion in favor of USFK withdrawal.

A grand report session to commemorate the fiftieth International Children's Day was held in Pyongyang, where the North Korean government urged on the participants to raise their children `as avowed communist revolutionaries to Kim Jong-il'.

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