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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.5.8 - 2000.5.14)

North Korea's ruler Kim Jong-il visited and provided `on-site instruction' at the tropical catfish aquaculture farm built by KPA service members, accompanied by chief of the KPA politburo Cho Myung-rok, JCS chairman Kim Young-choon. In other news, the `International Merchandise Exhibition was held in Pyongyang, attended by ranking trade officials including Chairman of the International Trade Facilitation Committee Kim Yong-moon

North Korea engaged in a media blitz last week in support of the `Kangye Spirit', describing it as an `ideological mosquito net that affords protection for the public from alien thoughts and customs, and a formidable weapon for the protection of socialism and its reconstruction.

North Korea announced agreement to resume ambassador-level relations with Australia (suspended Oct. 1975) on May 8th, and criticized Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's pledge to maintain the number of US troops in the Asia-Pacific at 100000 as `bold-faced attempt to escalate its warmongering around the Korean peninsula'. Japan was not exempt from the usual diatribe, as North Korea blamed Japan for stonewalling the North Korea-Japan talks by linking it with ballistic missile and NK kidnapping of Japanese citizens, which North Korea claims are issues `wholly unrelated to the process'.

In connection with the inter-Korean summit. North Korea's propaganda organ, The National Democratic Front, blasted US requests to include the nuclear and missile issue on the summit agenda as `an expression of clear intension to create roadblocks'.

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