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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000.4.17 - 2000.4.23)

The North Korean media urged its citizens for land reclamation, by broadcasting statements made by their leader Kim Jong-il during his meeting with officials in charge of reclamation in North Pyongan province in June. The junior Kim is to have lauded land reclamation as `great work of patriotism', and a `massive project to re-create nature for the sake of a stronger and more prosperous nation'.

North Korea's official organ, the Worker's Daily, reiterated the stalinist state's express `spirit of self-reliance' in an editorial, stating that `certain countries might be willing to go around and beg for foreign money at the slightest economic trouble, but we (North Korea) will strengthen our economic foundations on the basis of self-reliance, driving ahead with our resolute Kangye Spirit'.

On the diplomatic front, North Korea shot back at statements made by US conservatives to utilize potential Japanese compensation (to North Korea) as a political lever to impel North Korea to give up its nuclear missile development, commenting such statements were nothing more than `collusion with Japanese reactionaries to crush North Korea'. In other news, a North Korean foreign ministry team of representatives, led by vice-minister Pak Kil-yon, embarked on their visit round to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Iran.

In connection with the recently-agreed inter-Korean summit, the North Korean media did not make any mention of South Korean statements or the general mood at the First Preparatory Session (April 22), and reported only statements made by North Korean representatives.

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