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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Weekly on North Korea (2000.3.6 - 2000.3.12)

Kim Jong-il was in attendance at a performance by the Navy-Air Force Artistic Propaganda team with party notables and the top brass, including Cho Myung-rok, Kim Young-choon, and Kim Yong-soon.

Worker's Party secretary Choi Taebok and deputy prime minister Cho Chang-duk presided over the grand report session commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the beginning of ¡´the April 15th Charge to Technical Innovation>, held at the People's Cultural Palace, and the participants pledged to `create a superpower through popular movement for technical innovation'.

On the diplomatic front, the (North) Korea Central News Agency announced that the main meeting between representatives of the North Korean and Japanese governments will be held in Beijing in early April, while that for the respective Red Cross Organizations are scheduled for March 13th. In addition, the spokesperson for North Korea's foreign ministry commented that demands by the Organization for African Unity for US compensation of the slave trade was `only right', and that the Japanese should follow suit with compensation for its exploitation of Korea during the colonial period.

North Korea responded to President Kim Daejung's success in attracting foreign investment during his recent visit to western Europe with diatribe and cynicism, calling it a `last-ditch attempt to use foreign investment money to breathe life into a South Korean economy in its final throes'.

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