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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Weekly on North Korea (2000.2.28 - 2000.3.5)

Kim Jong-il visited the Chinese embassy in Pyongyang for a dinner and photograph session on March fifth at the request of Chinese ambassador Wan Rongxiang, accompanied by Politburo Chief Cho Myung-rok, Chief of the North Korean JCS Kim Young-choon, and Party Secretary Kim Kuk-tae.

Ideological discipline was again accentuated for North Koreans with renewed emphasis on the so-called Kangye spirit, "a spirit created during the most difficult hour in our history, to carry our struggle for the defense of socialism, a banner we shall carry into the our people's march and struggle to remake the 55th anniversary of the party's founding into a glorious year of victory".

The spokesperson for North Korea's foreign ministry criticized the Annual Human Rights Report from the US State Department, stating that the US is pretentious in `trying to play the part of world human rights policeman'. A round of criticism was also reserved for Japan's resident suffrage bill and the decision by Japan's political parties to exclude those without clear nationality, calling at `a scheme aimed at the dismantling of Chochongryun (Federation of North Korean Residents in Japan)'.

At an interview with the North Korean media, the Stalinist state's navy spokesman refused to recognized the ROK Northern Limit Line in Korea's West Sea, stressing that the only valid maritime border was one declared by North Korea, and will not tolerate any ROK-US efforts to maintain the NLL. In addition, the spokesman also instigated labor struggle in the South, calling South Korea's workers, farmers, and students to active participation in the spring labor movements organized by the CKTU (Confederation of Koran Trade Unions).

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