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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Weekly on North Korea (2000.1.31 - 2000.2.6)

North Koreans gathered flowers for decorating Kim Jong-il portraits at home, and decorations were also being placed on the streets as preparation for Lunar New Year festivities, with the North Korean media lauded the people for `keeping the tradition alive and flourishing'. However, it also warned against `poisonous illusions of imperialists' and emphasized `struggle against imperialist attempts at cultural and ideological infiltration'.

On the diplomatic front, North Korea blamed its recent shortfalls in electricity generation on delays in the construction of the KEDO light water reactor, due to US decision to freeze construction on the nuclear power plant. The North also shot back at Japan to stop making an issue out of kidnappings of Japanese nationals that it says `did not happen', or that Japan runs the risk of severing channels of dialogue established `by great effort'.

North Korea's propaganda machine went right back to work, claiming that `South Korea is a society completely devoid of morality and good conscience, and wracked by cutthroat competition and contempt for humanity'. In an attack on the ROK political scene, stated that the `government of the people is in danger of disintegration by the ULD declaration of noncooperation and increasing disharmony inside the coalition government, right on the eve of general elections'.

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