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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Weekly on North Korea (2000.1.17 - 2000.1.23)

A grand report session was convened in Pyongyang to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the so-called , and encouraged the participants to `learn from Kim Il-sung's younger day', in addition to urging them to become Kim Jong-il's `loyal battle squad'.

The spokesperson for North Korea's foreign ministry stated that his country `had no choice but to reconsider our decision to freeze test-firing of our missiles' in response to US anti-ballistic missile tests that it North Korea claims were aimed at them. In addition, North Korea apparently riled at the news of ROK's purchase of unmanned drones from Israel, calling it `a dangerous and unacceptable act intended to aggravate the situation in the Korean peninsula', and that it will take `reciprocal and appropriate measures in response'.

ROK's protest against forced repatriation of seven escapees from North korea back to the stalinist state drew caustic North Korean rhetoric that stated `the whole affair is nothing more than a botched attempt by the ruling clique in the south to abduct our citizens', and that the ROK will `pay a dear price' for all offenses against our dignity'. Last but not least, North Korea called the formation of the Millenium Democratic Party on Jan. 20th, `a charade and manipulation by the present ruler intended to prolong his stay in power through the election mechanism by reorganizing his power base'.

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