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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

                            THE WHITE HOUSE
                     Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release                                   October 30, 2000
                             PRESS BRIEFING
                              JAKE SIEWERT
                    The James S. Brady Briefing Room
1:42 P.M. EST
     Q    Can you give any information on the meeting today on North
     MR. SIEWERT:  It was a good meeting.  It lasted about 30 minutes or
so.  Secretary Albright gave the President a more detailed account of
her trip than she gave to those of you who watched "Good Morning
America."  She reviewed all the issues that they had covered, from
nuclear proliferation to human rights to lessening tensions in the
     The President was pleased to get that update.  As I said this
morning, we'll need a fuller account - a fuller understanding of what's
involved in this offer that the North Koreans have made on missiles.  We
expect that the discussions in Kuala Lumpur at the end of this week will
be helpful in achieving a fuller understanding of what the North Koreans
have put on the table.
     Those begin, I believe, on November 1st, run for a couple days.
And after those meetings, we'll be in a better position to assess what
the next steps are.
     Q    Did she say anything about a possible presidential visit or --
     MR. SIEWERT:  Well, obviously that was discussed; that's something
we've told you publicly that we're considering.  But we're not going to
be in a position to assess whether or not such a trip would advance our
interests in the region until we have a little fuller understanding of
the offer that the North Koreans have made on missiles.
     Q    Did she make a recommendation, though, at this point, on
whether or not he should go?
     MR. SIEWERT:  I think it was a unanimous decision at this point to
not make that decision, but to explore further with the North Koreans
what exactly is on the table, in terms of their offer to cut back on
their missiles program.  And that's what will be the subject of
discussions later this week in the region.
     Q    Jake, is the President looking for some specific action from
North Korea between now and the time that decision is made?
     MR. SIEWERT:  We'll make an overall judgment based on whether we
think a trip would advance our interests - our interest in
nonproliferation, our interest in lessening tension on the Peninsula,
our interest in reducing the threat that that missile program poses to
our allies in the region and to the United States.
     We'll make an overall judgment based on the talks later this week
and any follow-up talks about whether or not such a trip would advance
our overall agenda in North Korea.
     Q    And the outcome of the American election would have no impact
on the decision as to whether to go?
     MR. SIEWERT:  No, absolutely not.
                           END 2:08 P.M. EST

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