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State Department Noon Briefing, October 20, 2000

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2000   12:35 P.M.
Q: Is there anything new, anything more to report, on the details of
the trip to North Korea?
MR. BOUCHER: I don't think there is, actually. We look forward to
going out there. We talked about the schedule as much as we could
yesterday, and the details of sort of different meetings and things
like that have yet to be worked out so we don't have the details of
her schedule.
Q: You still don't know, then, when the Kim Jong Il meeting is,
whether it's --
MR. BOUCHER: Don't know which day it is, no. We just know it will
Q: Richard, as I walked in, you were talking about Korea, though not
very much. Is your well dry there? You can't say anything about how --
MR. BOUCHER: Please tell me something about Korea. We don't have any
more details on the schedule. I think we got to the people who wanted
to travel with us. We got to them last night with information about
who we can get on our plane and the people that we will be going out
of Beijing on the press charter that will go on Sunday. And then I
think the goals for the visit remain the same as they were yesterday,
so I am afraid I don't have too much in the way of updates for you.
Q: You don't have agenda items that she is going to raise while she is
MR. BOUCHER:  Not at this stage, no.
Q: Are you going to have any kind of briefing for the trip this
MR. BOUCHER: I don't think we will be able to do anything more in
advance. We have done considerable amounts of Korea briefings in the
last week or two, but we will have to get there and get to work and
talk about it then.
Q: Actually, I just thought of, scheduling-wise, isn't it true that
something has changed about the Seoul stop? Aren't we spending the
night now in Seoul, please?
Q:  Tell "they."
Q:  I don't have a "they."
MR. BOUCHER: I got here new schedule this morning. I punched holes in
it and put it in my little notebook, but actually I didn't read it.
But I didn't notice that anything had changed. Is Sahar here? Do you
want to look at my little notebook and see if I can say no?
Q: I think the question is: Are we spending Wednesday night in Seoul?
MR. BOUCHER: That is a good question. I will check on it. All right,
we will check on it and get to you afterwards. I am not sure this is
the definitive schedule, anyway.
(The briefing was concluded at 1:05 P.M.)

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