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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

U.S. and North Korea Move Closer on Anti-terrorism Stance

Office of the Spokesman
U.S. Department of State
October 6, 2000
Statement by Richard Boucher, Spokesman
Joint U.S.-DPRK Statement on International Terrorism
Washington, D.C.
The United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea held a
series of talks in March, August, and October 2000, at which the two
sides expressed their views on the issue of international terrorism.
At the talks, the two sides agreed that international terrorism poses
an unacceptable threat to global security and peace, and that
terrorism should be opposed in all its forms, including terrorist acts
involving chemical, biological, or nuclear devices or materials.
During the talks, the DPRK side affirmed that, as a matter of official
policy and as its government has stated previously, it opposes all
forms of terrorism against any country or individual. The DPRK noted
that it was the responsibility of every UN member state to refrain
from organizing, instigating, facilitating, financing, encouraging, or
tolerating terrorist activities.
On the basis of their common concerns about the threat of terrorism to
international peace and stability, the two sides underscored their
commitment to support the international legal regime combating
international terrorism and to cooperate with each other in taking
effective measures to fight against terrorism. The sides shared the
view that such measures included not providing material support or
resources, including safehaven, to terrorists and terrorist groups,
bringing terrorists to justice, and fighting terrorist acts against
the safety of civil aviation and maritime navigation. The two sides
joined in encouraging all UN member states to sign and become a party
to all twelve UN counterterrorism conventions.
As a demonstration of their cooperation in the fight against
international terrorism, the US and the DPRK intend to exchange
information regarding international terrorism and to resolve
outstanding issues in this regard between the two sides. Taking
account of the DPRK's opposition to international terrorism, the U.S.
side noted that, as the DPRK satisfactorily addresses the requirements
of U.S. law, the U.S. will work in cooperation with the DPRK with the
aim of removing the DPRK from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

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