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INTRO: Officials from the two Koreas have reaffirmed
that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il will visit
the South soon. But as Hyun-Sung Khang reports from
the South Korean capital, no firm date has been set.

TEXT: An accord signed by North and South Korean
officials says Kim Jong-Il is to visit Seoul in the
near future. The agreement follows four-days of talks
between North Korean envoy Kim Yong-Sun and his South
Korean counterpart Lim Dong-Won.

After the inter-Korea summit in June, reclusive North
Korean leader Kim Jong-Il promised to visit Seoul at
an appropriate time. A spokesman for South Korea's
Unification Ministry says this is likely to be early
next year. The agreement says he will be preceded by
the titular head of North Korea, Kim Yong-Nam, who
will visit Seoul later this year.

The two Koreas said they would try to boost economic
cooperation by negotiating bilateral pacts designed to
ease trade and avoid double taxation. The envoys also
announced that Red Cross officials would discuss
further reunions of separated family members, similar
to those that took place last month.

The talks failed to set a firm date for the proposed
meeting of Defense Chiefs. Seoul says it wants a
meeting later this month to discuss, among other
measures, creation of a military hotline.

South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung held a luncheon
for the Pyongyang envoy on the last day of his trip to
Seoul. Kim Yong-Sun is the highest-ranking North
Korean official to have visited the South.

/// KIM ACT ////

Kim Yong-Sun said the leaders of the two Koreas should
fulfill the pledge they gave at the June inter-Korean
summit, to move towards reunification. Since the
summit, relations between the two former Cold War
enemies have been steadily improving and they are
warmer now than at any time in the post-war period.


14-Sep-2000 11:28 AM EDT (14-Sep-2000 1528 UTC)

Source: Voice of America

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