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INTRO:  The head of the South Korean Red Cross says 
there may be further reunions between separated family 
members from the two Koreas.  Chang Chung-Sik also 
said the Seoul and Pyongyang governments are 
considering a permanent meeting place for divided 
families.  His comments follow last week's group 
reunion in Seoul and Pyongyang.  From the South Korean 
capital, Hyun-Sung Khang reports
TEXT:  The head of the South Korean Red Cross, says he 
raised the possibility of a second round of family 
reunions during last week's visit 
to North Korea.  Chang Chung-Sik led a group of 100 
South Koreans to the North Korean capital, to be 
reunited with family members they hadn't seen 
in half a century.  He said the next round of reunions 
could take place during the Korean thanksgiving 
holiday which falls on September 12th.
Mr Chang also said Churwon, a small town to the 
northeast of Seoul, was being considered as a 
permanent meeting place for Korea's divided families.  
He said South Korea favored the truce village of 
Panmunjom, while North 
Korea wanted the meeting point to be at Mount Kumgang.  
But he added the costs associated with Mount Kumgang 
would be prohibitive, so a compromise was being 
The subject of further reunions is likely to be 
discussed at high-level inter-Korean talks due to take 
place at the end of August.  Red Cross 
officials from the two Koreas are also scheduled to 
meet in early September. 
The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il, has already been 
quoted as saying he favors continuing the family 
Last week, one hundred South Koreans traveled to the 
North, to meet family members they had been divided 
from during the civil war of 1950-1953.  The same 
number of North Koreans traveled south for the four 
day reunion.  It was the first such meeting in 15 
years and reflected the rapidly warming relations 
between the two Koreas. (Signed)
20-Aug-2000 06:50 AM EDT (20-Aug-2000 1050 UTC)
Source: Voice of America

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