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INTRO: North and South Korea have agreed to hold 
regular high-level discussions and have proposed 
reopening their suspended border liaison offices, 
following talks in the South Korean capital.  The 
cabinet-level discussions are being held to implement 
agreements reached after last month's summit between 
the leaders of the two Koreas.  Hyun-Sung Khang 
reports from the South Korean capital, Seoul
TEXT: The annoucement of progress, followed a morning 
of discussions between the visiting five-member North 
Korean delegation and their South Korean counterparts.  
As well as agreeing to hold regular high-level 
contacts, it's 
proposed the two sides reopen liaison offices in the 
border town of Panmunjom.  The offices were orginally 
opened in 1992, but closed four years 
later as relations between the two Koreas 
According to a South Korean delegate at the talks, the 
two sides have also agreed to designate a national 
reconciliation week around August 15th, the date of 
Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule.  
During the week, 
celebrations will be held to mark the inter-Korean 
summit between the leaders of the two Koreas.  A 
reunion of 200 separated family members is also 
planned as part of the celebrations.
A South Korean delegate, said the talks started amid a 
very friendly 
atmosphere, unparalleled in the past.  Delegates from 
both sides pledged to uphold the spirit of the 
historic inter-Korea summit and make efforts to bring 
a lasting thaw to the divided Korean peninsula.  To 
avoid political friction, no flags or other national 
emblems were used for the talks.
The five-member delegation from North Korea and their 
South Korean counterparts are also expected to discuss 
the proposed visit to the SOuth by 
North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il; as well as military, 
economic and social exchanges.
This is the first time in eight years that senior-
level North Korean envoys have visited the South. 
Technically the two Koreas remain in a state of war as 
their civil conflict of 1950-1953 ended in a truce 
rather than a peace 
treaty.  But this visit by the North Korean delegation 
comes as Pyongyang shows increasing signs of wanting 
to engage with the international 
community. (Signed)
30-Jul-2000 05:22 AM EDT (30-Jul-2000 0922 UTC)
Source: Voice of America

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