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USIS Washington File

31 May 2000

Text: State Department Release on Visit to North Korean Facility

(U.S. team found conditions at Kumchang-ni site unchanged)  (260)
The U.S. Department of State issued a press release May 30 announcing
that a U.S. team left North Korea May 27 after visiting, with the
cooperation of the North Korean government, the underground facility
at Kumchang-ni.
The release said the team found conditions at Kumchang-ni unchanged
since the first visit in May 1999, i.e. the facility remains an
unfinished site, with an underground portion consisting of an
extensive, empty tunnel complex.
Following is the text:
(begin text)
U.S. Department of State
Office of the Spokesman
Press Statement by Philip T. Reeker, Acting Spokesman
May 30, 2000
Second Kumchang-Ni Site Visit Completed
The U.S. team visiting the underground facility at Kumchang-ni in
North Korea has completed its visit and departed May 27. The team
reports that the DPRK cooperated fully in the visit, providing
unhampered access which allowed for the rapid completion of the team's
The team found conditions unchanged since the first visit in May 1999.
It remains an unfinished site, the underground portion of which is an
extensive, empty tunnel complex.
A careful technical analysis of the team's work will now take place
before further judgments can be made and reported.
Under the terms of the agreement reached with Pyongyang in March 1999,
the U.S. may visit the site in the future.
(end text)
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