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INTRO: Officials in Seoul say the two Koreas have 
fully agreed on the agenda and arrangements for their 
landmark June summit in Pyongyang. As Hyun-Sung Khang 
reports from Seoul, the announcement follows a 
compromise on the last major disagreement: the size of 
the media delegation, which will accompany the South 
Korean president to North Korea. 
TEXT: South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Park 
Jae-Kye says both counties have agreed on all the 
guidelines for the summit.  The agreement - signed in 
the border village of Panmunjom (Thursday)- came after 
the two Koreas resolved the issue of the size of the 
media delegation. 
They agreed that 50 journalists will travel to 
Pyongyang with the South Korean president next month.  
Seoul had proposed sending 80 journalists, but North 
Korea had been pressing for half that number with no 
foreign media reporters.
The South Korean news agency, Yonhap, quoting the 
chief South Korean negotiator, Yang Young-Sik, says 
Pyongyang has agreed South Korean journalists will be 
allowed to bring live broadcasting and satellite 
communications equipment into North Korea. It says 
North Korea has also guaranteed that the South Korean 
journalists will be allowed to gather 
their own material, rather than having it provided by 
North Korea.
The June summit between South Korean President Kim 
Dae-Jung and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il will 
be the first ever between the countries since the 
division of the peninsula in 1945.  North and South 
Korea are still technically at war since their civil 
conflict of 1950-1953 ended without a peace treaty.
/// OPT /// It is expected that the two men will meet 
several times during the summit and that neither 
country will use their nationals flags or songs. One 
South Korean paper, quoting an unidentified government 
official, said the reduced protocol was in line with 
the precedent set by the two Germanys, when they 
started to improve relations during the Cold War. /// 
Unification Ministry spokesman Park Jae-Kye says an 
advance team of South Korean officials will visit 
Pyongyang at the end of May to prepare for the summit. 
/// OPT /// The team -- likely to consist of some 30 
specialists in communications, media and security -- 
will visit the location of the leader's meeting and 
talk with their North Korean counterparts. /// END OPT 
The North Korean negotiator, Choi Sung-Il says both 
sides have agreed to a broadly-worded agenda calling 
for self-reliance, peace and national unity.  This 
will give North Korea an opportunity to raise the 
issue of U-S troops in the South and Seoul's national 
security law against contacts with communists.  South 
Korea will be pressing the issues of reunification of 
families separated by the division of the peninsula, 
economic cooperation, the end of Cold War structures 
and the ways to have on-going dialogue between the two 
18-May-2000 04:34 AM EDT (18-May-2000 0834 UTC)
Source: Voice of America

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