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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

1994 Cuba Special Weapons News

  • PRESS CONFERENCE BY THE PRESIDENT August 19, 1994 - In recent weeks the Castro regime has encouraged Cubans to take to the sea in unsafe vessels to escape their nation's internal problems. In so doing, it has risked the lives of thousands of Cubans, and several have already died in their efforts to leave. This action is a cold-blooded attempt to maintain the Castro grip on Cuba.
  • WHERE DOES CUBA STAND? Enrique A. Baloyra - January 14, 1994 - Given the potential explosiveness of the Cuban crisis and the possibility that it might lead to U.S. military involvement, it would seem appropriate to take a closer look at the Cuban situation. In particular, we need a better understanding of those forces promoting both political stability and instability.

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