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2005 Cuba Special Weapons News

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  • Cuba Dissidents Meet as Cuba Expels EU Delegation VOA 20 May 2005 -- About 200 Cuban dissidents held their first large-scale gathering in more than two years on Friday. The meeting took place as Cuba expelled two European Union members of parliament who had traveled to the Communist run island to attend the meeting.
  • US Charges Cuban Militant With Illegal Entry VOA 19 May 2005 -- U.S. Immigration authorities on Thursday charged an aging Cuban exile linked to the bombing of a Cuban airliner with illegally entering the United States.
  • Anti-Castro Figure Charged with Entering United States Illegally Washington File 19 May 2005 -- U.S. immigration officials have charged Luis Posada Carriles, who is linked to alleged activities against the regime of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, with entering the United States illegally.
  • Wanted Cuban Exile in U.S. Custody VOA 17 May 2005 -- A Cuban-exile sought by Cuba and Venezuela for his alleged involvement in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban Airways passenger jet has been taken into custody by U.S. authorities.


  • RUSSIA MP: US BASE IN CUBA COUNTER CUBA'S WILL RIA Novosti 26 Apr 2005 -- The head of the Russian delegation to he Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Konstantin Kosachyov, called PACE not to forget that the US military base in Guantanamo, Cuba is there in defiance of the Cuban authorities.



  • U.S./CUBA/E.U. VOA 01 Feb 2005 -- The Bush administration said Tuesday it is skeptical about the European Union's decision this week to suspend human rights-related diplomatic sanctions against Cuba. The State Department said the gesture could embolden hardliners in the Fidel Castro government.


  • EU FOREIGN MINISTERS VOA 31 Jan 2005 -- European Union foreign ministers, meeting in Brussels, have suspended diplomatic sanctions against Cuba, following the communist country's release of several political dissidents. The ministers also hailed what they called the courage and determination of Iraqis who voted in Sunday's elections.

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