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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

2004 Cuba Special Weapons News

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  • CUBA / US VOA 17 Dec 2004 -- Cuban authorities have erected a huge poster across from the U.S. Interests Section in Havana that depicts U.S. soldiers abusing prisoners in Iraq. The move follows a warning by Cuban authorities to U.S. diplomats to take down Christmas decorations on the building that included a reference to dissidents jailed by the communist state.





  • UNGA / CUBA / US VOA 28 Oct 2004 -- The U.N. General Assembly has overwhelmingly adopted a resolution condemning the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba. The measure was adopted for the 13th consecutive year.
  • PANAMAN/VENEZUELA/CUBA VOA 29 Aug 2004 -- Venezuela has recalled its ambassador to Panama to protest comments by the outgoing Panamanian president regarding her reasons for pardoning four men convicted in a plot to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro. President Mireya Moscoso said she feared the men could be executed if they were extradited to Venezuela or Cuba by her successor.




  • Report to the President: Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba US Dept. of State 6 May 2004

  • BUSH-CUBA VOA 06 May 2004 -- President Bush is moving to reduce the flow of U-S dollars to Cuba and taking other steps to try to hasten the end of Fidel Castro's communist government in Havana. The steps were recommended by a study commission headed by Secretary of State Colin Powell.
  • President Bush Calls for Freedom in Cuba Washington File 06 May 2004 -- The United States believes Cuba should be free and that it is in the best interests of the Cuban people, the United States, and the entire Western Hemisphere that Cuba be free from tyranny, says President Bush.
  • U-S / CUBA VOA 03 May 2004 -- The United States Monday came down solidly on the side of Mexico and Peru in their diplomatic dispute with Cuba over the Fidel Castro government's human rights record. The comments came as the Bush administration was given proposals for increasing U-S pressure on Cuba.


  • U-S-CUBA RIGHTS VOA 16 Apr 2004 -- The United States is accusing Cuba of "outrageous" behavior at the U-N Human Rights Commission, where a Cuban delegate at the conference site in Geneva punched a representative of a U-S group opposed to the Fidel Castro government. The U-N panel narrowly approved a resolution Thursday condemning Cuba for its crackdown on dissent.



  • CONGRESS - CUBA VOA 10 Feb 2004 -- Two Republican U-S lawmakers, just back from a trade mission to Cuba, believe the United States will drop its ban on Americans' travel to the Caribbean island next year.


  • Castro Accuses Bush of Assassination Plot VOA News 30 Jan 2004 -- Cuban leader Fidel Castro has accused President Bush of plotting with organized crime to kill him.
  • U-S / CUBA / IMMIGRATION VOA 07 Jan 2004 -- The Bush administration said Wednesday Cuban intransigence was behind a U-S decision to reject a proposal by Havana for a new round of immigration talks this week. U-S officials say Cuba is refusing to talk about several key issues regarding the bilateral orderly migration accord, but Cuba denies it.
  • U-S-CUBA-VENEZUELA VOA 05 Jan 2004 -- The United States expressed public concern Monday about the close ties between the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, amid suggestions by U-S officials they may be working together to fan anti-American sentiment and undermine democratic governments in Latin America.

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