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China gains support for its sovereignty

PLA Daily

Source: China Daily
Editor: Chen Zhuo

2021-10-23 17:56:51

At UN, over 80 countries back Beijing against Western groundless accusations

China's ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday bluntly told the United States, France and a few other Western countries that they are "in no position to make choices for the Chinese people, let alone lecture China", with more than 80 countries expressing their support for China's sovereignty.

Cuba delivered a joint statement on behalf of 62 countries in support of China, stressing that the basic norms of international relations are to respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of states, and the noninterference in internal affairs of states.

It also emphasized that issues pertaining to Hong Kong, the Xinjiang Uygur and Tibet autonomous regions are China's internal affairs that tolerate no interference by any external forces. It also supported China's implementation of "one country, two systems" in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The statement also called upon all parties to respect the rights of the people of each state to independently choose their path for human rights development in accordance with their national conditions, and treat all human rights with the same emphasis. It opposed politicization of human rights, double standards and unfounded allegations against China out of political motivation and disinformation.

Kuwait also made a joint statement in support of China on behalf of three Gulf states, stressing the objective, constructive and nonpolitical principles of human rights issues. It also called upon all states to follow the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to respect national sovereignty and noninterference in internal affairs.

More than 20 countries made statements in support of China during Thursday's meeting, and spoke highly of China's achievements in the development of human rights. They also called on all countries to uphold multilateralism and solidarity, and to promote and protect human rights through dialogue and cooperation.

Political viruses

Zhang Jun, China's UN ambassador, said during the meeting that the US and a few other countries have once again abused the Third Committee platform "to launch groundless accusations against China, spread political viruses and disinformation, and poison the atmosphere of cooperation, which China resolutely opposes and strongly rejects".

"To the US and a few other countries, let me say this. Your trite lies are totally unfounded. Xinjiang enjoys stability, development and prosperity, and the Chinese people's lives are getting better day by day. The Chinese people are satisfied with and proud of such achievements, and those achievements are widely recognized and praised by people around the world," Zhang said.

The happy lives and smiles of the Chinese people are the best manifestation of China's human rights situation, he said. Those Western countries may fool themselves, but they "cannot fool the world".

"To the US and a few other countries: Your plot to obstruct China's development is doomed to fail. The path of China's development is chosen by the Chinese people ourselves. You are in no position to make choices for the Chinese people, let alone lecture China," he said.

"Your desperate attempts to cover up your own terrible human rights record will not work. The US conducted genocide against the American Indians. It suppressed its own people to the point they yell "I can't breathe'."

Zhang said blaming other countries will not wipe off their own misdeeds, but only reveal their evil and hypocrisy.

"It ignored the deaths of over 700,000 nationals due to the pandemic. And it stained its hands with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians in the Middle East and Central Asia. The list goes on. Human rights are not your cover up," he said. "To the US and a few other countries: Your attempts to get rid of those who hold different views in the name of democracy will only end in vain."

He said whether a country is democratic or not should be decided by its own people, not by some foreign individuals, let alone countries.

"To France and other followers of the US: What you are doing is submitting your independence and autonomy and serving as the henchmen of the US, as if you can gain superiority by acting at the beck and call of the superpower. But the truth is, you are giving up your own dignity and will win no respect from others," he said.

He pointed out that more than 80 countries have voiced support of China, opposing interference in other countries' internal affairs in the name of human rights, and urged the following of the UN Charter.

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