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China to make firm response against outrageous, unreasonable US: FM

Global Times

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/28 22:21:09 Last Updated: 2020/7/29 0:41:09

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday said that China will make firm and rational responses against the US whose behaviors are outrageous and unreasonable.

Wang made the remarks during a phone conversation with French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian on Tuesday night.

Wang said China-US relations have caused concern in the international community. That's because certain political forces in the US, because of the forthcoming elections and to maintain the unipolar hegemony, would completely deny the history of China-US ties, conduct all-round suppression to China without reason, constantly provoke the core interests of China, attack the social system chosen by the Chinese people, and smear China's ruling party that always maintains close bond with the Chinese people.

This behavior is against basic etiquette and defies international norms governing international relations. It is blatant power politics.

Wang said the world should have been alerted after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a speech several days ago, attempting to provoke a clash between ideologies, leading the world to a new cold war. The world is seeing a return to McCarthyism that has long been thrown in the garbage bin of history. If we let the conspiracy theory succeed, not only will China and the US be trapped in the abyss of confrontation, but also the world will face a crisis of division.

In recent years, led by the "America First" campaign, the US has gone further into unilateralism and given up its international commitment and obligation, Wang said. It severely challenges the international law and order.

The current US government has quit international treaties more than ever. At the key moment of virus prevention that needs the international community to unite, the US announced it would quit the WHO, dodging its moral responsibility as a big power. The US has become the biggest destroyer of the international order, and is standing at the wrong side of history and international society.

China will respond firmly and rationally against the US whose behaviors are outrageous and unreasonable, Wang stressed.

China will resolutely hit back at any egregious practices that infringe on China's legitimate rights and interests. China has never taken the initiative to stir trouble and always exercises maximum restraint. However, not long ago, the US forcibly closed the Chinese consulate in Houston and provoked China's sovereignty and dignity.

"We have to make a legitimate and necessary response. This is in full compliance with customary diplomatic practices, and is also the right of all sovereign countries in the world," Wang said.

Wang called on China and the US to communicate rationally. China will never allow a small number of anti-China elements to overturn the successful outcome of China-US exchanges and cooperation for decades, nor will China allow any ideological prejudices to undermine the future development of China-US relations.

"We are willing to proceed from the common interests of the peoples of China and the US, and the people of the world, uphold an equal and open attitude, communicate with the US, and strive to maintain the stability of China-US relations," Wang said.

Wang also called on the rest of the world to jointly maintain the unity and cooperation of the international community. "We believe that all countries can make correct and wise judgments, avoid being hijacked by a few political forces in the US, and jointly prevent the world from being dragged into a new cold war of conflict and confrontation, and jointly prevent the process of globalization from being brutally interrupted," Wang said.

Indulging bullying will not guarantee safety, but will make the bully stronger. All countries should act to resist any unilateral and hegemonic acts and maintain world peace and development, Wang noted.

Wang expressed China's full confidence in the future of the world, saying that perverse acts are unpopular and won't last. Peace and cooperation will surely become the choice of the times and the people.

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