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Land for military installations shall not be encroached

PLA Daily

Source: China Military Online
Editor: Huang Panyue

2020-07-07 16:04:07

SHENYANG, July 7 -- Since the land attached to a railway line dedicated to military use was encroached by a local resident, a depot of the Shenyang Joint Logistic Support Center under the Joint Logistic Support Force of the Central Military Commission (CMC) took actions in accordance with the law, to ensure that the railway line for military use keeps a normal state of combat readiness.

It is learned that this military railway line is about one kilometer long, starting at the platform within the barrack and with its terminal merging into the local railway outside. It is in exclusive use for cargo exchange of the military depot. In recent years, due to internal adjustment, the utilization of the dedicated railway line has decreased.

Not long ago, during routine inspections, the depot staff found that a local resident was leveling up a piece of land attached to the dedicated railway line near the local railway for cultivation. The inspectors explained relevant policies and regulations to stop him. However, the person turned a deaf ear to the dissuasion and continued to illegally occupy military land despite repeated interventions of the depot staff.

The depot side thus contacted local officers assigned to the People's Armed Forces Department (PAFD) and cooperated with the community administrators to promulgate laws and regulations to make the person involved recognize the illegal facts and the seriousness of occupying military installations, who had so far restored the original appearance of the land and the vicinity areas.

To prevent such incidents from happening again, the depot staffs have posted regulations notices on railway lines and training grounds outside the barrack, clarifying the area on where the military installations are located, setting up protective facilities and warning signs, and strengthening inspections.

At the same time, they also carried out activities to publicize laws and policies for the protection of military installations near the station, and actively established contacts with surrounding communities and sub-district offices, to improve the military-civilian cooperation and joint inspection mechanism to safeguard the security of military installations.

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