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Global Times

US Uygur bill can't disrupt Xinjiang's stability: regional spokesperson

Global Times

By Liu Xin Source:Global Times Published: 2020/6/19 22:18:26

The government of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and people of all ethnic groups denounce and oppose the US Uygur bill, and by no means can it disrupt Xinjiang's prosperity and stability, Xinjiang regional government spokesperson told a press conference on Friday.

US President Donald Trump signed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 on Wednesday, which wrongly accuses China of "oppressing" ethnic groups in Xinjiang, and imposes sanctions on Chinese companies and officials for "human rights violations."

The US move grossly violates international law and norms, interferes in China's internal affairs, and hurts the feelings of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The Xinjiang government and people of all ethnic groups strongly denounce and oppose it, Eljan Anayt, a spokesperson of the Xinjiang regional government, told a press conference on Friday.

The act exposes the US using human rights as a disguise to implement hegemonic policies, bully others by imposing sanctions, and attempts to destroy the Xinjiang region's stability and contain China, Eljan said.

The Uygur bill "is just a worthless piece of paper, which by no means can disrupt Xinjiang's prosperity and stability, stop people of all ethnicities from pursuing a better future in solidarity, and obliterate the region's development and progress in human rights. In the Xinjiang people's pursuit of a better life, any attempt to contain China by playing the Xinjiang card is bound to inflict harm on itself, the spokesperson said.

Some media alleged that Xinjiang has deprived local residents of traveling overseas or having communications with their overseas relatives.

Yalkun Yakuf, deputy director of the department of public security, said at the press conference that Xinjiang has never limited people of all ethnic groups including Uygurs from traveling, nor has it restricted their communication with relatives in foreign countries.

There are a few hundred thousand people native to Xinjiang living around the world. People of all ethnicities in Xinjiang are free to contact their relatives in foreign countries, either by phone or audio/video link on instant messaging apps like Wechat and QQ, the official said.

"I reiterate that any individual in Xinjiang, regardless of his or her ethnicity, is free to travel abroad unless he or she is banned from doing so on suspicion of committing crimes," Yalkun said.

According to the Constitution, no one can infringe citizens' freedom of communication except in cases involving national security or investigating criminal cases.

Senior officials of Xinjiang also debunked rumors spread by anti-China forces at Friday's conference.

Some media reported recently that Xinjiang is undergoing a "forced demolition of mosques." However, Mehmut Wusman, the director of the Xinjiang Regional Ethnic Affairs Commission, said that it is complete "nonsense."

Mehmut said Xinjiang guarantees the legal religious needs of believers, attaching great importance to preservation and renovation of mosques.

Quite a large number of mosques in Xinjiang were built in the 1980s and 1990s or even earlier. With the growth of urbanization and new countryside construction, local governments have adjusted the arrangements of some old, shabby, run-down mosques with new buildings, relocating and enlarging them in accordance with the needs of religious believers, which has provided convenience to believers when praying, and is welcomed by religious personnel and believers, the official said.

Recently, some foreign media claimed Xinjiang had demolished the Jami Mosque in Yecheng county of Kashgar prefecture, and Id Kah Mosque in Yutian county of Hotan prefecture.

"But the reality is totally opposite. Both of the over 100-year-old mosques were not demolished; instead, they are being preserved and in good shape," Mehmut said.

"I want to ask these rumormongers - You are making up stories, acting like a clown. Don't you think it is absurd?" Mehmut asked.

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