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Global Times

Allegations made by US, UK politicians against arrest of protestors 'ground-less': HKSAR

Global Times

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/5/1 20:51:18

Allegations made by the US, the UK and European Parliament against the Hong Kong police 's arrest of illegal protest organizers and participants were groundless and seriously interfered in Hong Kong affairs, spokesperson of the HKSAR government said Friday. The spokesperson expressed strong opposition over some politicians making such irresponsible and deplorable remarks.

The HKSAR government would never agree with foreign officials or politi-cians on their comments on the recent arrests and prosecutions of some or-ganizations and persons who participated in the illegal assembly in Hong Kong. It is ridiculous to say that the arrests will affect Hong Kong 's freedom and violate the Basic Law, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson continued that the HKSAR government felt extremely dis-gusted by requests made by individual foreign politicians to withdraw the charges against the arrested.

If the SAR government accepts such requests, it will be regarded as surren-dering to these unreasonable demands, which is a violation of fairness and professionalism and also deviates from the spirit of the rule of law.

Reports said the HK police arrested 15 activists on April 18 who participated in an illegal assembly in the city last year.

As the House Committee of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong failed to elect a chairman after 15 meetings in the past six months, the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office and the Liaison Office of the Chinese Central Gov-ernment on April 13 condemned the act of some opposition lawmakers in Hong Kong for paralyzing the city's legislature, leaving many bills hanging in the air.

The two offices, under Article 12 of the Basic Law, have the power and re-sponsibility to ensure that the HKSAR implements the Basic Law and "one country, two systems."

Therefore, it is reasonable for the two offices to express concerns over the affairs in the Legislative Council.

Anyone who claims the rightful remarks made by the two offices as an inter-vention to HKSAR affairs only shows their ignorance over the constitutional order of the SAR and the relationship between the SAR and the central gov-ernment, the spokesperson noted on Friday.

On Thursday, the Office of the Commissioner of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong also condemned the latest unwarranted remarks by US politi-cians. It urged them to stop meddling with Hong Kong affairs immediately.

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