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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

29 July 2020 - China Special Weapons News

  • Chinese Migrants Cross Illegally Into Laos, Vietnam Amid Renewed COVID Fears Radio Free Asia 29 Jul 2020 -- Over 30 Chinese migrants were deported from Laos last week after they were caught entering the country illegally, sparking concerns over border controls as new cases of COVID-19 infection begin to appear in Laos and in neighboring Vietnam.
  • Rising anxiety among Chinese in Nepal as coronavirus cases surge Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- Chinese nationals in Nepal say they're increasingly anxious as dozens of people have been found infected with COVID-19 in some districts that border India and the daily tally of cases remains in the hundreds.
  • Residents call for stricter measures, citywide screening to curb COVID-19 in HK Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- While a ban on dining in restaurants and gatherings of more than two people has taken effect on Wednesday in Hong Kong to tackle the worsening COVID-19 outbreak, local residents are calling for even stricter anti-epidemic measures and citywide screening to curb new infections, after the number of daily new cases in the city has surpassed 100 for eight consecutive days as of Wednesday.
  • Xinjiang leads daily COVID-19 caseload, but epidemic 'under control' Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- The Chinese mainland has seen a rise in newly confirmed COVID-19 infections for the fifth consecutive day, with the number jumping to 101 on Tuesday, with most found in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
  • WHO experts closely working with Chinese scientists on coronavirus traceability: FM Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- Two experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) came to China for scientific cooperation on novel coronavirus traceability in mid-July, and they held in-depth communication with Chinese scientists on people infected by the virus, the environment and transmission route, as well as the scientific research involved in the next step, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.
  • Concerns grow as China's daily COVID-19 cases top 101 Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- The Chinese mainland has seen a rise in newly confirmed COVID-19 infections for the fifth consecutive day, with the number jumping to three digits on Tuesday to 101, involving Beijing, Northeast China's Liaoning Province and Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
  • China fights COVID-19 in people-first approach People's Daily 29 Jul 2020 -- Since the COVID-19 outbreak, China has waged a whole-of-nation "people's war" against the virus.
  • Chinese Hackers Targeted Vatican, NY Times Reports VOA 29 Jul 2020 -- The New York Times Wednesday said the Vatican's computer networks have been breached by Chinese hackers since May, in an apparent espionage effort before the start of sensitive talks between the Roman Catholic Church and Communist China.
  • No merit in US politicians' claim that TikTok is meddling in US elections: FM Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- Some US politicians' accusation that short video app TikTok is meddling in the US elections is a fabrication and deliberate smearing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at Wednesday's regular press conference.
  • China says disputed islands in East China Sea are its territory Press TV 29 Jul 2020 -- Beijing says the Diaoyu Islands, which Japan disputes, are Chinese territory and that it has the right to conduct law enforcement activities there, after a US military commander said China had conducted "unprecedented incursions" around the islands.
  • Xi to attend ceremony marking completion of BeiDou-3 system as final satellite starts operation in network Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend a ceremony marking the completion and launching of the BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System scheduled for Friday in Beijing.
  • University of Arkansas Professor Indicted for Wire Fraud and Passport Fraud US Dept. of Justice 29 Jul 2020 -- The Department of Justice announced today that Simon Saw-Teong Ang, 63, of Fayetteville, Arkansas, was indicted by a federal grand jury in the Western District of Arkansas on 42 counts of wire fraud and two counts of passport fraud.
  • Travelers to North Korea's China Border Region Must Now Pledge Not to 'Defect' Radio Free Asia 29 Jul 2020 -- North Koreans who live in or travel to regions bordering China are grumbling about a new policy that forces all visitors to pledge they won't "defect" -- the latest salvo in a government campaign targeting exiles from the reclusive state, RFA has learned.
  • New generator unit application assists China's future warship development Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- China's domestically developed 20-megawatt turbo generator unit has been put into actual use for the first time. It is widely expected to be used on China's future warships to support the advanced integrated electric propulsion (IEP) technology that would enable the use of high energy weapons, including electromagnetic railguns and lasers.
  • PLAN carrier-based fighters complete nighttime buddy refueling in flight PLA Daily 29 Jul 2020 -- Recently, two J-15 carrier-based fighter jets attached to a ship-borne aviation unit under the PLA Navy (PLAN) have successfully completed the nighttime buddy refueling training in air space, marking a new breakthrough in their all-weather long-range combat capability.
  • Reality Check of US Unilateral Demand for China to Close Consulate-General in Houston Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- On 21 July, the US made the unilateral provocation by making an outrageous demand that China close its Consulate-General in Houston. By so doing, the US has grossly violated international law, the basic norms of international relations, and relevant provisions of the China-US Consular Convention, and gravely damaged China-US relations. China has made legitimate and necessary response.
  • China censures US 'reckless provocation' after consulate closures Press TV 29 Jul 2020 -- China has censured the US for a "reckless provocation of confrontation and division" after Washington's closure of a Chinese consulate culminated in a tit-for-tat measure on behalf of Beijing.
  • Is West Turning Away from Nixon's Approach to China? VOA 29 Jul 2020 -- In 1972 US President Richard Nixon visited the People's Republic of China, ending years of estrangement between the two countries and lifting the bamboo curtain China had been hidden behind since Mao Zedong launched his Cultural Revolution in 1966.
  • Australia likely to face unbearable consequences Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- The US and Australia are teaming up to levy criticism against China and vow to strengthen military cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, especially after the meetings between their foreign and defense ministers. Experts warned that by cooperating with the US' anti-China policies, Australia, as an opportunist, would not climb to a more important position in the region as it has always longed for, but will face unbearable consequences by undermining its ties with China.
  • HK LegCo election may be postponed to next year to ensure fairness: expert Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- Hong Kong media reported on Tuesday that the Legislative Council (LegCo) election, scheduled for September, would be postponed to next year due to the worsening COVID-19 epidemic situation in Hong Kong, with experts saying if the report is true, it aims to protect the health of the public and ensure a fair environment for residents to elect lawmakers.
  • EU sanctions on HK 'symbolic' Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- The European Union (EU)'s sanctions on China over the Hong Kong affairs are a "symbolic gesture" to strike a balance between Washington and Beijing, as the measures will only have a limited impact on Hong Kong, observers noted.
  • EU measures restricting exports to HK a 'wrong' move: Chinese Mission to the EU Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- The Chinese Mission to the EU on Wednesday opposed EU's "wrong" move of setting out measures restricting exports to Hong Kong and urged the EU to respect China's decision to adopt the national security law for Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong LegCo election postponement urged Global Times 29 Jul 2020 -- As Hong Kong is facing the third wave of a serious COVID-19 epidemic, many local social organizations and residents have urged the HKSAR government to postpone the Legislative Council (LegCo) election, scheduled for September.
  • EU's Hong Kong proposal prompts Beijing's censure Press TV 29 Jul 2020 -- China has denounced a decision by the European Union to restrict the export of 'sensitive' technology to Hong Kong in response to a new security law in the semi-autonomous city.
  • Hong Kong Arrests Four For 'Secession' Under China's Security Law Radio Free Asia 29 Jul 2020 -- Hong Kong police on Wednesday arrested four people on suspicion of pro-independence activities under a draconian security law recently imposed on the city by the ruling Chinese Communist Party.
  • Hong Kong Police Arrest 4 for Alleged National Security Breach Under New Law VOA 29 Jul 2020 -- Four young activists who belonged to a disbanded pro-independence group have been arrested on secessionist charges in Hong Kong's first crackdown on political figures after the enactment July 1 of a sweeping national security law.

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