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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

24 March 2020 - China Special Weapons News

  • Resolutions in US House, Senate Condemn China For Spreading Coronavirus Radio Free Asia 24 Mar 2020 -- Lawmakers from both chambers of the U.S. Congress introduced resolutions Tuesday condemning China's handling of the outbreak of coronavirus, with the Senate version calling for an international investigation to hold Beijing accountable for allowing the deadly virus to become a global pandemic.
  • Chinese Maritime Militia on the Move in Disputed Spratly Islands Radio Free Asia 24 Mar 2020 -- Even as the coronavirus crisis sweeps through Asia, China continues to assert its presence in the South China Sea by deploying maritime militia around disputed islands and reefs in the Spratly island chain, according to vessel tracking data and satellite imagery reviewed by Radio Free Asia.
  • Chinese peacekeeping force completes armed escort mission in South Sudan PLA Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- The 6th Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to South Sudan (Juba) has successfully completed the armed escort mission for UN convoy from Juba to Ganji on March 21, local time. The mission covered a total of 260 kilometers. The infantry battalion dispatched nearly 40 troops and more than 10 vehicles of various types.
  • China Easing Lockdowns Amid Growing Fears Over Backlash Radio Free Asia 24 Mar 2020 -- Authorities in the central Chinese province of Hubei are gearing up to ease a lockdown on tens of millions of people, as one more case of COVID-19 is reported by health officials.
  • Beijing continues to upgrade strictest measures against virus importation Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- The city of Beijing is going full throttle in the race against imported coronavirus cases to defend the epidemic fight results by upgrading quarantine measures on every international arrival to the city and lashing policy violators with legal punishments including entry-deny.
  • Asymptomatic COVID19 infections will not cause spread in China: Chinese CDC Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- Experts from the Chinese Center for Diseases Prevention and Control (Chinese CDC) said asymptomatic COVID-19 infections will not cause further spreading, although the duration of its virus detoxification is longer than that of SARS.
  • Cities receive overseas returnees with careful epidemic control measures Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading globally, more Chinese students who study abroad have chosen to return to China by overcoming all difficulties.
  • China vows legal punishment on violators of border health laws, regardless of nationality Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- Irrespective of their nationality or even if they are stateless, people who violate China's border health quarantine law will be punished, said China's top court and procuratorate officials, as the country is on high alert to prevent imported COVID-19 cases.
  • Wuhan, Hubei to lift lockdown, signaling China's win over COVID-19 Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- Cities outside Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, where the first confirmed coronavirus case was reported in the country, are scheduled to lift the outbound traffic control measures on Wednesday, and Wuhan will lift its lockdown on April 8, allowing local people to travel outside the province, given the visible progress in combating the coronavirus battle.
  • China disposes of 182,000 tonnes of medical waste amid COVID-19 outbreak Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- China has disposed of 182,000 tonnes of medical waste since late January amid the fight against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), according to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE).
  • Wuhan to lift restrictions on outbound travelers Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- The Hubei Health Commission announced on Tuesday that residents in the central Chinese city of Wuhan would be allowed to travel outside the city starting April 8 in a bid to resume the outbound movement of people.
  • Beijing adopts full quarantine and testing for inbound travelers Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- All people entering Beijing from overseas are requested to undergo quarantine for medical observations and take nucleic acid tests starting from Wednesday, the city said on Tuesday, responding to the increasing number of imported cases of the COVID-19.
  • Wuhan doctor's infection ends five-day streak of zero new cases in city Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- Hubei Province's hopes for a sixth consecutive day of zero new infections were dashed on Tuesday, with news that a doctor in Wuhan had become the latest case, exposing the risks in local hospital outpatient services.
  • Beijing and Shanghai report new local transmission from imported COVID-19 cases Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- Beijing and Shanghai reported one new locally transmitted COVID-19 case on Monday, respectively. It is the second and third local transmission of its kind, following one other case in Guangdong.
  • Local confirmed case in Beijing shared stairway with imported patient from UK: Beijing CDC Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- In what is believed to be the first local patient infected by an imported case in Beijing, a man in the capital who recently tested positive for COVID-19 was likely infected by a confirmed patient who returned from the UK, as the two shared the same "polluted" stairway, Beijing's Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (Beijing CDC) said Tuesday.
  • Shutdown of intl flights 'unlikely' in China despite risk of imported COVID-19 Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- With a surge of imported COVID-19 cases in China and two local infections transmitted from imported patients, calls for the suspension of all international flights have increased, but public health experts and aviation industry insiders noted that a complete shutdown is "unlikely and unnecessary."
  • China offers global help in combating COVID-19 People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke over phone on Monday night and voiced support for the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • China helps with global fight against coronavirus People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- As COVID-19 cases soared worldwide, China, despite its own severe situation, has been actively offering medical aid and sharing prevention and treatment experience to help curb the novel coronavirus spread.
  • Macao to tighten entry policy for non-residents over COVID-19 People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- Macao authorities will further tighten the entry policy to curb imported COVID-19 infections, the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR)'s chief executive said on Tuesday, after Hong Kong's similar upgrading of entry policy.
  • Beijing reports 4 imported COVID-19 cases in 12 hours People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- Beijing reported four newly confirmed cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from other countries over the past 12 hours by Tuesday noon, according to the municipal health commission.
  • Shanghai reports one local COVID-19 patient infected by imported case People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- Shanghai on Monday reported its first local patient of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infected by an imported case, as well as nine cases from other countries, the municipal health authority said Tuesday.
  • Beijing reports 32 new confirmed COVID-19 cases including one local infection People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- Beijing reported 32 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Monday, including one indigenous case infected by an imported patient, local health commission said Tuesday.
  • Beijing demands quarantine, nucleic acid testing for all overseas arrivals People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- The Chinese capital Beijing has demanded all arrivals from overseas to undergo concentrated quarantine and nucleic acid testing (NAT) starting from Wednesday as the number of imported cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to increase.
  • China's Wuhan reports one new COVID-19 case in six days People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- One new confirmed case of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was reported Monday in Wuhan after the former hardest-hit city had seen zero new reports for five consecutive days.
  • Beijing conducts at least 2 rounds of temperature checks on inbound passengers People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- Body temperature screenings are conducted at least twice on inbound passengers in Beijing to abate risks of imported cases of COVID-19, local authorities said Monday.
  • China's Wuhan reports no new infections for five consecutive days: official People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- Wuhan, the Chinese city hardest-hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, Monday marked its fifth day in a row of zero new confirmed cases, a Chinese health official said Monday.
  • China reports 78 coronavirus cases, sparking fears of 2nd wave +World updates Press TV 24 Mar 2020 -- China has registered 78 new cases of coronavirus infection, most of them imported from abroad, sparking concerns about a second wave of infections in the country.
  • China sends new group of remote sensing satellites into space Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- China successfully sent a group of remote sensing Yaogan-30 satellites into space on Tuesday from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Southwest China's Sichuan Province on Tuesday.
  • Indian Navy Tracks Fast Chinese Warship Near Andaman Islands Sputnik 24 Mar 2020 -- The Indian Navy has enhanced its surveillance procedures after Forbes reported that the Chinese Navy had deployed at least 12 underwater drones in the Indian Ocean. In December 2019, navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh warned that any vessels entering India's Exclusive Economic Zone would be forced to withdraw.
  • Aircraft carrier Liaoning hosts fighter jet drills amid epidemic Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- The Liaoning, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy's first aircraft carrier, recently set out for a voyage and hosted fighter jets carrying out takeoff and landing exercises, in an attempt to minimize the impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) outbreak on the training of more carrier-based fighter pilots, while experts said on Tuesday the carrier enjoyed success in epidemic control efforts.
  • 'Zero growth' not 'risk-free' Global Times 24 Mar 2020 -- It would be medically normal to see setbacks and report new cases of infection in Wuhan and Hubei Province, which have recorded zero new infections for five consecutive days, experts said, and encouraged the public to tolerate such case instead of blindly pursuing a quick elimination of new cases which may put too much pressure on local officials.
  • China urges U.S. to stop politicizing COVID-19 People's Daily 24 Mar 2020 -- China urged the United States to stop politicizing COVID-19 and stigmatizing China, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said Monday.

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