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Putin: I am helping China to build a missile warning system expert: he is sincere

2019-10-04 14:45

Sharp edge

How to defend against strategic missile strikes is a problem that every major country must worry about. For a big country like China and Russia, the United States not only has unparalleled nuclear capabilities, but its ability to intercept Chinese and Russian missiles is also rising. Therefore, China and Russia must also strengthen their missile defense capabilities to maintain the current strategic balance. The first problem to be solved is how to enhance the early warning capability of missile attacks.

According to Russian satellite network news on October 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is helping Beijing to build a missile early warning defense system. At present, only the United States and Russia are in the first echelon of technology in this area. In fact, there have been news that the Russian side is ready to help China build a missile early warning radar. It is undeniable that in the missile early warning technology, Russia is indeed a strong presence comparable to the United States, and its strategic early warning radar can even detect incoming targets 5,000 kilometers away. However, the Russian stance has also raised questions for many people. Is it true that Moscow will provide such a key advanced technology to help China?

Considering the actual situation, the Russians may not be talking about playing. The United States is deploying its own missile defense system around the world. Whether it is Europe or Asia Pacific, the United States' global anti-missile system is under construction. Everyone can see that the United States' goal is the strategic missile force of China and Russia. The enhancement of the US military's anti-missile capability actually means the weakening of the Sino-Russian missile deterrence. Although both China and Russia currently have weapons capable of breaking through the US missile defense system, they cannot ignore the tendency of the US military to strengthen its defense capabilities. At present, the main problem facing the US military is that it is difficult to intercept high-speed bombs. At the same time, the number of deployments still has problems, but these problems are likely to be solved in the future. The US's promotion of China-Russia missile defense capability is a real threat, and it may even break the strategic balance between China, the United States and Russia. For this reason, both China and Russia must upgrade their defense capabilities against US missiles.

In this regard, Sergei Lujia Ning, director of the Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, summed up in one sentence, that is, Russia has helped China to establish a missile attack warning system, precisely to maintain a strategic balance. When Russia and China's missile defense capabilities as a whole rise, they can indeed balance the strategic imbalances brought about by the advancement of the US military's anti-missile capabilities. In this sense, Russia does have reason to provide assistance to China. In the face of a US that is far superior in overall strength, it is perfectly understandable that Russia and China will cooperate with each other to offset the US advantage.

Of course, Russia will propose such assistance. There may be another reason, that is, they also understand that as China's technological strength continues to increase, China will have its own missile warning system in the future, which is better than now. Selling personal love to China in the water. Therefore, Putin's proposal is probably not just a talk. He has reasons to practice this promise, and it is estimated that cooperation between Russia and China in this regard has already begun.

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