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Rioters in Hong Kong can't hijack city's future

Global Times

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/6 20:26:11

Radical protesters in Hong Kong on Monday announced a citywide "three strikes" campaign and a "non-cooperation movement." However, going by the situation on the ground, not many people proactively took part in the "three strikes". Some rioters disrupted traffic by putting up roadblocks and disrupting subway operations, forcibly turning "going on strike" into "creating a strike." The rioters hyped up the "three strikes" with a false impression.

This is hijacking the whole city. It is not only against the rule of law, but also against democracy and human rights. These mobs were in complete opposition to the interests of the general public of Hong Kong. They no longer hide their evil intention of willing to destroy the city.

The sabotage on Monday will not be the last the mobs have resorted to, and they will take more hysterical measures. Hong Kong is at an unprecedented critical juncture, when the city's reputation for the rule of law has suffered and its position as an international financial center being imperiled. International confidence to the city has been eroded and the basis of Hongkongers' wellbeing shattered by thugs.

We call on all patriotic citizens to firmly unite and act. For the sake of the future of the city, we must crack down on the evil trend and bring back normal social order and a peaceful life.

The extradition bill has been announced "dead" by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government. All the slogans the rioters are using about the bill are just excuse. They are lying and inciting extremity. They insulted the national emblem and flag so as to create a rift between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Such antagonism will be a nightmare for Hong Kong's future.

The rioters have been blatantly assaulting the police. They have also created terror and muzzled voices against them. Some patriotic people have been persecuted.

Don't be daunted by the rioters and stand up bravely. Those thugs dare not even show their faces, reflecting their cowardliness. With the foundation of the rule of law in Hong Kong, and more importantly, with the support of the whole country, the rioters cannot escape the punishment.

Hong Kong compatriots should speak out for justice. They should tell the rioters that Hong Kong needs order, citizens need normalcy in work and life and appeals should be made through legitimate and legal channels. With the back of 1.4 billion people on the Chinese mainland, patriotic citizens need not be afraid. It is the rioters who should be frightened.

Although rioters have covered their faces, their sinful intentions have been fully exposed. The future of the city cannot be robbed by the mobs, but must lie in the hands of peace-loving citizens who cherish the rule of law.

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