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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Remarks at a Meeting With Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Beijing, China
May 16, 2015

‎SECRETARY KERRY: Well, thank you very much, my friend, Minister Wang Yi. I appreciate your generous welcome, and I very much appreciate the comments that you just made.

Indeed, this is a very important year for the United States and China. But as we begin the importance of this year, we also need to focus on the significant progress that we've been making over the course of the last two years. And I appreciate very much the cooperative relationship that you and I have built and that I've been able to develop with a number of other of your high officials, including President Xi. We're very grateful for the several summits that he has had, beginning in Sunnyland and moving to another (inaudible) of other meetings.

This year, we will have three significant public meetings. We will meet with the Strategic Economic – the Economic Strategic Dialogue. We look forward to welcoming you. We're going to have a very full agenda. And that will lead into, building on this meeting, the summit and meeting in September between President Xi and President Obama.

And then of course, we will meet again, where China's leadership is already evident and important, on the climate change negotiations in Paris. And we look back with a strong sense of pride in the leadership that China and the United States joined together to offer last year, when the presidents here in Beijing announced our cooperation on a new agreement between China and the United States. We will address the concerns of climate change.

China and the United States – we have said previously and I will say it again – it is the most consequential relationship on the planet at this moment because we represent the world's two largest economies, because we are both cooperating on very significant global challenges, and I want to say thank you to China for its leadership and engagement in the Iran nuclear talks. As a member of the Permanent Five and then the plus one, we've shown unity, we've been diligent, and we will continue to cooperate (inaudible). We cooperated deeply in the issue of the DPRK, we've cooperated on Ebola, on Afghanistan, on a number of major challenges.

So we're grateful for that, and we look forward to really carefully and diligently growing this relationship in the course of this meeting, the other meetings that I have today and tomorrow, and of course, leading into the meeting we have in Washington. So thank you for your welcome and I look forward to (inaudible).

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