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Iran Press TV

Beijing reacts to Washington calls over Hong Kong protests

Iran Press TV

Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:53PM GMT

China has reacted to calls by the US for a probe into the issue of Hong Kong protests, warning against any foreign meddling in the affairs of the Chinese region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said on Thursday that no country or individual has the right to "make indiscreet remarks or criticisms on this issue."

The United States has stepped up interference in China's internal affairs with Washington saying it is "deeply concerned" by clashes between anti-election law protesters and Hong Kong police.

Authorities have begun an investigation into allegations of police brutality against student protesters, the Chinese Foreign Ministry official said, while reminding that the protests in Hong Kong were illegal activities that no society would tolerate.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has said that negotiations are likely to be held on democratic reforms.

The top executive official further reassured that city authorities would continue to restore order in Hong Kong, including the normalization of the traffic, "as quickly as we can."

Authorities angered protesters when they called off a planned meeting with student protest leaders last week. The authorities claimed that the talks were unlikely to produce constructive results.

Protesters have been demonstrating against an election law that forces city residents to elect their next leader in 2017 from a list of candidates approved by the central government in Beijing.


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