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Hong Kong must treasure economic vitality

People's Daily Online

(Global Times) 10:25, October 09, 2014

Chinese tourists have made great contributions to tourism both at home and abroad in the just-concluded 'Golden Week' National Day holidays. But contrary to the dramatic increase in tourist income in countries and regions such as South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, Hong Kong's tourist income declined during the holidays.

The Occupy Central campaign has made a great impact on Hong Kong's rule of law, plunging part of this Asian financial hub into anarchism. Roads were blocked, protesters rampaged and with occasional outbreaks of violence, Hong Kong has become a strange place to Asia and the rest of the world.

In fact, none but the Chinese mainland really cares about Hong Kong. Some people from the West who hail the protests harbor ulterior motives to do so.

As for non-stakeholders, the chaos caused by the protests is only an intriguing scene of bustle, which gives them a chance to gloat about how the role-model law-based Hong Kong collapsed into a disorganized society. In this way, Hong Kong can continue making trouble and consuming China's energy. A turbulent Hong Kong can serve as a good tool for those who want to contain China's rise.

Western rating agencies are watching the Hong Kong protests closely, and if the protests resume, the region's credit rating will probably be downgraded, which will heavily jeopardize Hong Kong's status as a financial center. Apart from the mainland, Hong Kong's competitors in Asia would like to see the change. Other cities which were once financial centers would also like to be ill-wishers, imagining how Hong Kong's financial industry will disintegrate due to social turbulence.

These young protesters on the streets should be aware that they are being persuaded not to push Hong Kong into the abyss by their parents and friends, people with insight, the Hong Kong government and society in the mainland, which looks forward to the region's long-term prosperity. These forces have no ulterior motives to destroy Hong Kong. The Chinese mainland shares the same destiny as Hong Kong.

The Occupy Central campaign has waned in the last couple of days, which gives people hope that Hong Kong will be restored to order. Every society has blind spots and young people are easily manipulated by outside forces. We expect that these youngsters can gain a better understanding of what is happening and will reflect on their behavior.

Hong Kong is a small society, but it is not isolated from the big picture of the Asia-Pacific game. Hong Kong has no capital to make mistakes in political issues, and making a fuss over Hong Kong's rule of law is a trick played by the West to ruin the region. Hong Kong must know it is a financial center and tourist destination. These are the real things that deserve to be safeguarded.

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