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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

September 2003 - China Special Weapons News

  • CHINA-DEMOS VOA 01 Oct 2003-- China's National Day celebrations were marred Wednesday when a man set fire to himself on Beijing's Tiananmen Square
  • CHINA-ECONOMIC REFORMS VOA 30 Sept 2003-- Leaders of China's communist party are due to hold their annual meeting next week. Analysts say at the top of the agenda will be plans to tackle the growing gap between rich and poor in the communist nation
  • N-Y / CHINESE EDITOR VOA 29 Sept 2003-- The founder and managing editor of the Beijing business news magazine, Caijing [Sai Jing], was honored in New York City on Monday for her investigative reports on corruption in China's financial markets and banking practices
  • HONG KONG TRADE AGREEMENT VOA 29 Sept 2003-- Hong Kong and mainland Chinese officials have signed a trade agreement aimed at giving companies and professionals in Hong Kong a head-start over foreign competitors vying to establish a foothold in the huge and potentially lucrative Chinese market
  • JAPAN / CHINA WAR VOA 29 Sept 2003-- A Japanese court has awarded one-point-seven million dollars to a group of Chinese made ill by or lost family to chemicals weapons dumped in China by the Japanese Army during World War Two
  • Commission Vice Chairman Criticizes China's Trade Policies Washington File 25 Sept 2003-- U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission Vice Chairman C. Richard D'Amato opened a hearing in Washington September 25 by noting that Congress had tasked the commission with investigating the "distorted transfer of U.S. economic treasure to Beijing" that has resulted from China's unfair trade practices.
  • Important for U.S. that China Play by Rules of Trade, Official Says Washington File 25 Sept 2003-- The stakes for the United States in seeing that China "plays by the rules" of foreign trade are large, because of the rapidly expanding role of China as a U.S. trading partner, a Commerce Department official says.
  • Non-compliance on WTO Commitments Could Hurt China's Trade Ties Washington File 25 Sept 2003-- If Beijing is failing to live up to its commitments to open the Chinese economy as part of the agreement for that nation's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), such non-compliance could exacerbate trade relations with the United States, according to the chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC).
  • China Not Fulfilling All WTO Commitments, USTR Says Washington File 24 Sept 2003-- China has made progress in fulfilling its commitments as part of its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO, but it needs to do much more in the areas of intellectual property rights protection, agriculture and transparency, according to Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Charles Freeman III.
  • CHINA-INTERNET DISSIDENT VOA 24 Sept 2003-- Human rights advocates are blasting the apparent arrest in China of a dissident who posted his views on the Internet
  • CHINA-REGIONAL SECURITY VOA 23 Sept 2003-- Prime Ministers of China, Russia, and four nations of central Asia are agreeing to closer security and economic ties
  • U.S. Official Extols "Remarkable" Demonstration in Hong Kong Washington File 23 Sept 2003-- The U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong says "the remarkable expression of popular will" by the residents of the territory in their peaceful demonstration July 1 against new national security legislation "will go down in the books as perhaps the single most important event in Hong Kong's short political history since the handover in 1997."
  • I-O-M/CHINA VOA 20 Sept 2003-- A report by the Geneva-based International Organization for Migration shows that the number of Chinese nationals migrating to Europe has increased dramatically over the past decade
  • CHINA/US/WTO VOA 18 Sept 2003-- China is rebuffing allegations by the United States that it has been backsliding on trade agreements. The accusations come two years after China joined the World Trade Organization
  • CHINA-JAPAN PETITION VOA 18 Sept 2003-- Painful memories of World War Two are being revisited in China. Activists in Beijing demanded that the Japanese government pay reparations for chemical weapons abandoned by its troops nearly six-decades ago
  • CHINA/SECURITY VOA 17 Sept 2003-- China is preparing to host the prime ministers of six nations that are working to develop a cooperative security group in Central Asia.
  • Evans Notes China's Shortcomings on Trade Commitments Washington File 15 Sept 2003-- In a speech before the Detroit Economic Club in Michigan September 15, Commerce Secretary Don Evans said the Bush administration feels China is falling short in meeting its trade commitments.
  • China and Tibet VOA 11 Sept 2003-- The Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, is currently visiting the United States. He met with President Bush and was praised on Capitol Hill. His visit comes at a time of new momentum in Tibet-China relations. The two sides have met twice in the last year. What might these meeting mean for Tibet's future?
  • CONGRESS CHINA VOA 11 Sept 2003-- A top Bush administration official briefed lawmakers on the status of U-S China relations Thursday. Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that bilateral relations have improved in recent years, but he said the United States remains concerned about China's actions relating to human rights, Taiwan and proliferation.
  • Kelly, in Senate Testimony, Highlights U.S.-China Cooperation Washington File 11 Sept 2003-- Both China and the United States know it is in their mutual self-interest to have a bilateral relationship that is "pragmatic, based on mutual respect, and focused on furthering peace and stability in the world," according to Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly.
  • CHINA U-S MILITARY VOA 11 Sept 2003-- China is blasting a U-S report on Chinese military power as groundless
  • CONGRESS / CHINA / CURRENCY VOA 10 Sept 2003-- Members of Congress have introduced legislation aimed at punishing China for failing to increase the value of its currency and for what lawmakers call unfair trade practices
  • Proposed Resolution Calls for Market-Based Valuation of Yuan Washington Fiel 10 Sept 2003-- A bipartisan group of senators has introduced a resolution calling on China to allow its currency to have its value determined by market forces and not by government fiat.
  • CHINA/SARS VOA 10 Sept 2003-- Officials in China, bracing for a possible recurrence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, are urging the people of the capital to be vaccinated against influenza
  • ASIA SARS VOA 10 Sept 2003-- Singapore officials say a man with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome probably contracted the disease in the medical research laboratory where he worked
  • CHINA-POVERTY VOA 09 Sept 2003-- The World Bank is calling for China's leaders to do more to narrow the growing gap between rich and poor
  • CHINA-TAIWAN POLITICS VOA 08 Sept 2003-- China is denouncing Saturday's massive pro-independence rally in Taiwan, while Chinese official media are giving different accounts of a much smaller pro-unification rally Sunday
  • LACHMAN-CHINA VOA 04 Sept 2003-- The rate of currency exchange between countries has a tremendous effect on whether a country is a successful exporter or finds it difficult to compete economically. Dr. Desmond Lachman, a resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses with VOA NewsLine host David Borgida U.S. efforts to pressure China to change its currency policies.
  • Snow Says U.S. Committed to Growing China Trade Relationship Washington File 03 Sept 2003-- The United States "is committed to a growing, healthy and mutually beneficial trade relationship with China," says U.S. Treasury Secretary John W. Snow.
  • AIDS CHINA VOA 03 Sept 2003-- In a new report, Human Rights Watch says China's AIDS epidemic not only constitutes a health crisis but also a human rights disaster.
  • CHINA-ECONOMY VOA 03 Sept 2003-- The U-S Treasury Secretary says China has promised to eventually relax controls on its currency, but he says Chinese officials are giving no timetable.
  • DALAI LAMA / U-S VISIT VOA 02 Sept 2003-- The spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, will soon begin a visit to the United States that will take him to five cities (San Francisco, Bloomington, Washington D-C, N-Y City and Boston), including Washington
  • CHINA-U-S CURRENCY VOA 02 Sept 2003-- Pressure is growing on China to re-value its currency, with the International Monetary Fund now urging Beijing to remove strict controls on its exchange rate
  • CHINA-MILITARY VOA 01 Sep 2003 -- China has announced more cuts to its military, currently the largest standing armed force in the world.

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