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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

April 2003 - China Special Weapons News

  • CONGRESS/HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 30 Apr 2003 -- A senior U-S official says Washington's decision not to sponsor a resolution critical of China at this year's meeting of the U-N Human Rights Commission decision was aimed at winning increasing cooperation from Beijing on its human rights record. The comments came during a hearing of the House (of Representatives) terrorism subcommittee.
  • CHINA SARS VOA 30 Apr 2003 -- Beijing's new mayor says Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, is stretching the city's medical facilities and personnel to the limit. Drastic measures are being taken to deal with the disease.
  • CONGRESS SARS CHINA VOA 29 Apr 2003 -- A top U-S lawmaker is praising China for publicly acknowledging the magnitude of the SARS outbreak there after initially being slow to do so. But Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist says Beijing could do even more.
  • CHINA SARS VOA 29 Apr 2003-- Riots broke out in a Chinese town because residents feared a local school would be turned into a quarantine center for people exposed to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
  • CHINA SARS VOA 28 Apr 2003 -- World Health Organization experts in China say there is still much they do not know in the fight against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. They say China needs to take many basic steps before the situation starts to improve.
  • CHINA / SARS VOA 27 Apr 2003 -- Taiwan is reporting its first death from the SARS virus and officials say they plan to quarantine people arriving from China. Meanwhile, Chinese officials are closing down hundreds of businesses in Beijing as they struggle to curb the spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Officials have also sealed off at least one university.
  • CHINA/SARS VOA 25 Apr 2003 -- Chinese officials trying to stem the spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome say they are not isolating the capital, Beijing. But city officials have extended a quarantine on people exposed to SARS, including cordoning off a second hospital.
  • CHINA/SARS VOA 20 Apr 2003 -- China's health minister and the mayor of Beijing have been removed from key Communist Party posts, following criticism about the way China has handled the SARS public health crisis. Officials also are trying to stop a flood of travelers during a national holiday to stem the spread of the infection.
  • Great Firewall of China VOA 18 Apr 2003 -- While some believe the Internet could be the greatest gift to free speech around the world, it certainly isn't impossible to muzzle it. Many governments around the world filter and impair the ability of the Internet to work the way it was intended. There are ways to get around filtering technologies.
  • CHINA LEADERS / SARS VOA 18 Apr 2003 -- Chinese leaders are ordering health officials to improve reporting of severe acute respiratory syndrome cases, while at the same time agreeing to change the way it defines the disease. China has come under criticism for its handling of the mystery illness, which is believed to have started in southern China in November.
  • NK, US, China to Meet in Beijing on Nuke Issue Korea-net 17 Apr 2003 -- Officials from North Korea, China and the United States will meet in Beijing next week to discuss ways of resolving the lingering tension over the North's nuclear weapons program, a senior Foreign Affairs-Trade Ministry official said on Wednesday (April 16).
  • CHINA SARS VOA 17 Apr 2003 -- China insists that it has reported all the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome cases in Beijing, even though international disease control experts doubt the official figures. Regardless of the numbers, officials worry that during a coming holiday, travelers will spread the SARS virus further across the country.
  • CHINA SARS VOA 16 Apr 2003 -- World Health Organization experts say China is reporting only a fraction of the cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Beijing. The finding follows Chinese pledges to be more open about SARS in the country.
  • CHINA SARS MEDIA VOA 15 Apr 2003 -- After months of hiding evidence that a serious new disease was spreading in the country, China's government has unleashed a media campaign to warn the public about Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Even top leaders are taking part in the effort.
  • CHINA SARS VOA 14 Apr 2003 -- China's prime minister says the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is grave, and he is urging stronger measures to combat the disease. It is a big change from Beijing's earlier assurances that the disease was under control.
  • U-S-China Rights VOA 11 Apr 2003 -- The United States, in a departure from recent practice, has decided not to sponsor a resolution critical of China at the current meeting of the U-N Human Rights Commission in Geneva. U-S officials are linking the decision to some positive human rights moves by China and a desire to work on the issue with the new government of President Hu Jintao.
  • CHINA / SARS VIRUS VOA 10 Apr 2003 -- Chinese health officials say they will investigate allegations the government is covering up the true extent of the SARS outbreak in Beijing. Health officials also admitted that some cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome may have been contracted in Beijing -- something previously denied.
  • WHO CHINA VOA 07 Apr 2003 -- The World Health Organization has criticized China for being slow in sharing information on the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome with the rest of the world. But the head of the W-H-O, who is visiting India, says cooperation with China has improved.
  • CHINA SARS VOA 06 Apr 2003 -- China's Health Ministry says the number of SARS deaths and infections has risen in the country, killing a foreigner for the first time. Officials say the dead Finnish man brought the illness with him from Thailand.
  • ASIA PNEUMONIA CHINA VOA 03 Apr 2003 -- Beijing officials say the serious illness called SARS is under control in China, making it safe to visit the country. The comments follow travel warnings issued by U-N experts about the new flu-like disease, which has sickened more than two-thousand people and killed nearly 80-people worldwide.
  • CHINA / U-S / HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 03 Apr 2003 -- China has issued a report condemning U-S unilateral policies and violations of human rights around the world. The Chinese broadside comes in response to the State Department's annual human rights report, which is critical of China.
  • CHINA'S NEW LEADERSHIP VOA 02 Apr 2003 -- As preparations for war with Iraq reached a crescendo the middle of last month, another event with potentially even greater geopolitical significance was taking place in Asia. The Chinese People's Congress elected a new leadership, a pair of technocrats who are also considered part of a comparative "youth movement" in the world's most populous nation. This important and peaceful transition was given scant attention in the U-S press but a few papers took time out from Iraq to comment

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