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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

State Emergency Operations Centers

A number of facilities are operated by or for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Continuity of Government activities are also conducted by the National Program Office of the Defense Mobilization Planning Systems Agency, which was created in 1982, and the Army Information Systems Command (under Project 908).

Civil Defense Direction, Control, and Warning (DC&W) key requirements for State-level facilities, plans, and procedures include:

    Emergency Operating Centers with the following postattack survivability characteristics: independent power, water, and ventilation systems; access to a 14-day supply of food; protection factor (from radiation) of 100; electromagnetic pulse protection; and 24-hour communication capability.

    Alternate emergency operating center with relocation plans for States with primary emergency operating center in a target zone; and

    Established procedures for activating and operating emergency operating center, including designation and notification of key staff, communications protocol, assignment of responsibilities, damage assessment, etc.

Radio communications capabilities between the Federal Government, State government, local government, and the general population include radio connectivity between: state emergency operating center and servicing Federal Regional Center; state emergency operating center and local governments; state emergency operating center and primary Emergency Broadcast Station (EBS) having fallout protection and independent power; local emergency operating center and primary EBS; and local emergency operating center and response units and/or adjacent jurisdictions.


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