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Trident Training Facility [TTF, ex TRITRAFAC]
King's Bay, Georgia

The Trident Training Facility [TTF, ex TRITRAFAC] for new submarine crews and provide refresher or advanced training to personnel during their off-crew periods between patrols. The TTF mission is to train officer and enlisted personnel in the basic knowledge and skills required to build competence and proficiency in operating and maintaining submarines to provide basic, advanced, functional, refresher and team training to submarine crew members and submarine support personnel; to increase and maintain knowledge and proficiency in specific skills; to furnish specific operationally oriented sensor systems; and to perform such other training and sensor support functions as may be directed by competent authority. Development of Trident Training Facility, Kings Bay, began in 1983 under the Trident System Project Manager. Construction started in August 1984. The Navy accepted the completed building in April 1987. The first course was taught in October 1987.

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