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TRIDENT Refit Facility [TRF, ex TRIREFAC]
King's Bay, Georgia

The TRIDENT Refit Facility [TRF, ex TRIREFAC] provides support for the submarines similar to that provided previously by submarine tenders. The TRF mission is to provide industrial support for incremental overhaul and repair of TRIDENT submarines and for depot level overhaul of equipment in the TRIDENT Planned Equipment Replacement (TRIPER) Program. TRIDENT Refit Facility provides routine services normally required by ships alongside and performs emergency and emergent voyage repairs to other submarine units and other such functions and tasks as directed by higher authority. TRIDENT Refit Facility is home to the largest covered drydock in the northern hemisphere. Measuring 700 feet long, 100 feet wide and 67 feet deep, it takes 31,500,000 gallons of water to fill. TRIDENT Refit Facility also possesses a fully capable Magnetic Silencing Facility for demagnetizing and ranging submarines.

BRAC 2005

In its 2005 BRAC Recommendations, the DoD recommended to relocate the intermediate submarine repair functions formerly performed at the Naval Submarine Base New London (recommended for closure) to Shore Intermediate Repair Activity Norfolk, at Naval Shipyard Norfolk, VA, and the Trident Refit Facility Kings Bay. DoD claimed that this recommendation was made in support of the relocating submarines from New London.

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