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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

831st Munitions Support Squadron [831st MUNSS]

The mission of the 831st Munitions Support Squadron [831st MUNSS, formerly designated as the 31st Munitions Support Squadron, and prior to that, as the 616th Munitions Support Squadron] is to receive, store, maintain, and upon receipt of properly authenticated instructions, provide reliable weapons to the 154th and 102nd Fighter Bomber Squadrons of the 6o STORMO Italian Air Force. The Squadron directly supports their North Atlantic Treaty Organization responsibilities. The squadron is a tenant unit on the Italian Air Base at Ghedi, Italy; it's made up of six flights and totals about 135 assigned personnel. The majority of personnel work in the Custody Flight with responsibility for maintaining security for assigned resources twenty-four-hours-a-day 365 days a year. The Command and Control Flight directs operations and is the 24-hour contact point for the squadron. The Maintenance Flight has two sections. The Maintenance and Inspection section stores and prepares resources for mission requirements. The Load Monitor section assists and monitors host nation forces on proper load and configuration of capable aircraft. The Communications Flight provides communication maintenance and operates the message center for the squadron. Through support clinics located at Vicenza Army Post, Aviano AB, and local area hospitals there are two Independent Duty Medical Technicians (IDMT) assigned to support active duty personnel and to assist in getting dependent medical appointments. The command section has several functions such as Unit Information Management and Personnel. The Services Flight operates the dining facility and Recreation Services.

The 831s MUNSS has three distinct chains of command for US Operational Orders, NATO Taskings, and US Support Functions. The US Operational Chain begins with the National Command Authorities (President and Secretary of Defense), goes to USCINCEUR, and to the MUNSS. The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff and Commander USAFE are used for communications. The NATO chain of command is used when USCINCEUR chops (hands over control) the MUNSS to NATO. The top of this chain is the NATO political leadership. Command descends through SACEUR, CINCSOUTH, AFSOUTH, 5th ATAF and the 6o STORMO to the MUNSS. For day to day support matters, the 31 MUNSS reports to the 31st Logistics Group (31 LG) at Aviano AB, Italy. This administrative chain begins with the President and runs through the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Air Force, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Commander of USAFE, Commander 16th Air Force (16 AF), and the 31 LG.

The 6o STORMO is one of the most famous of all Italian Air Force fighter wings. When it was originally activated on 15 January 1936, it consisted of two fighter squadrons with a total of 52 aircraft. At the end of 1936, the wing had already logged over ten thousand flying hours. The year 1939 signaled the end of the Spanish conflict-a conflict in which 6o STORMO personnel earned many decorations. The 6o STORMO's heroic flying continued into World War II. However, its fighter squadrons had become self-sufficient causing the wing to be deactivated on 14 July 1941. The wing was reactivated on 1 January 1951 as the 6o STORMO Caccia Bombadieri. Formed in Treviso, the wing moved to its present location, Ghedi, 1 July 1951. The resurrected wing started its flying operation with the North American P-51D Mustang. These already outdated aircraft were soon replaced by the Fiat DH 100 vampire, the F-84G, the F-84F Thunderstreak, the F-104G Starfighter, and more recently, by the PA-200 Tornado, a Multi-Role Combat Aircraft. On 8 March 1954, the wing was declared to be operationally ready. In 1958, the 6o STORMO Diavoli Rossi Acrobatic team was selected the best in NATO. In 1965, the 154th Fighter Bomber Squadron won the NATO Safety Award. In December 1982, the 6o STORMO received their first PA-200 Tornado. For its colors and standards, many airman continue to perform their work with pride and dignity. These are the airmen of the 6o STORMO Caccia Bombardieri-the Red Devils.

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