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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

47th Bomb Wing

The 47th Bombardment Wing, Light was established on 28 Jul 1947, and inactivated on 2 Oct 1949. The unit was activated on 12 Mar 1951, and redesignated 47th Bombardment Wing, Tactical, on 1 Oct 1955. Discontinued, and inactivated, on 22 Jun 1962, it was redesignated the 47th Flying Training Wing on 22 Mar 1972 which activated on 1 Sep 1972.

The Wing trained in night tactical operations, conducted firepower demonstrations, and participated in tactical exercises, 1947-1949. Trained in light bombardment operations, becoming proficient with nuclear weapons, 1951-1952. Provided combat crew training in B-26 aircraft and operated USAF Air Crew School (Light Bombardment and Tactical Reconnaissance, Night Photographic), May 1951-Feb 1952.

The Wing moved to England in mid-1952, and, for the next decade, performed tactical training operations, including participation in exercises and firepower demonstrations in support of NATO. Converted from B-45 to B-66 aircraft in 1958. Also performed air refueling with KB-50s, 1960-1962. The USAF deployed to RAF Sculthrope during the Berlin Crisis in 1949 and then later, in 1952, it became home for the 47th Bombardment Wing, who were to stay for a decade. In 1963 Project Clearwater halted large scale rotational bomber deployments to Britain, and RAF Fairford, RAF Chelveston, RAF Greenham Common, and RAF Sculthorpe were returned to the Air Ministry.

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