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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

454th Bomb Wing

Columbus Air Force Base, Miss. became home to a B-52 bomber squadron and a KC-135 tanker squadron in 1958. Beginning in 1965, the same year it won the coveted Fairchild Trophy as "Best in SAC," the 454th Bombardment Wing [also designated the 4228th Strategic Wing] completed more than 100 missions to South Vietnam without losing a single bomber to enemy aircraft fire. In May 1967 General Edward O. Martin assumed command of the 454th Bombardment Wing at Columbus, and one month later he led the wing on its second deployment to the Western Pacific area in support of Southeast Asia operations and returned to Columbus in December 1967. In May 1968 the 454th Wing made its third deployment to the Western Pacific area, its second under the command of General Martin. A convergence of situations brought a close to the Strategic Air Command years at Columbus. After 14 years under Strategic Air Command, Columbus Air Force Base rejoined Air Training Command July 1, 1969.

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