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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

4133rd Strategic Wing
4133rd Bomb Wing (Provisional)

In February 1956 the Air Force announced that it would build-up Grand Forks AFB to support Strategic Air Command (SAC) bombers and tankers besides ADC fighters-interceptors. The Strategic Air Command transferred the 30th Bombardment Squadron (BMS) (Heavy) from Homestead Air Force Base, Florida, to Grand Forks, assigning it to the 4133rd Strategic Wing. The 30th acquired its first B-52H Stratofortress on April 29, 1962. On February 1, 1963, the Strategic Air Command organized the 319th Bombardment Wing (Heavy) at Grand Forks AFB, replacing the 4133rd Strategic Wing.

The 4133rd Bomb Wing (Provisional) "Black Eagles", composed of units from various other wings deployed to Southeast Asia. The B-52F was the first Stratofortress model to participate in combat. The 7th and 320th Bomb Wings bombed suspected Viet Cong enclaves in South Vietnam in June of 1965 under Arc Light. B-52Ds of the 28th and 484th Bomb Wings deployed to Guam in March and April of 1966, replacing the B-52Fs. Over the next few years, 11 more B-52D wings were rotated to combat duty in Southeast Asia. While on duty at Andersen AFB, the B-52Ds were assigned to the 4133rd Bomb Wing (Provisional), which had been established on 01 February 1966.

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